Te wo Tsunaide '07

Most In-Sync Votes

Most In-Sync is the only post knock-out award given based on votes, rather than on a general tallying of victories. No one can vote for their own pair, and everyone who votes needs to include a comment and sign their names. This encourages people to honestly vote for a pair that they thought were particularly in sync. There are always people who don't vote, because they don't feel informed enough.

After seeing Diana and Albert practice on KGS, and question whether their "in syncness" was good enough, prior to the tournament, I was not at all surprised that they received this award. Practicing and caring about how well you work together does pay off! They were so excited, I was delighted to give them this award.

I would also like to note that this pair is from Highlands Ranch, and most of their votes came from Boulder. The win was definitely earned, not a home club group effort to trump up a win. ;) (Yes, we do have some integrity here!)

I believe this is the most votes any single pair has gotten for this award so far (in all 3 years of Te wo Tsunaide!).

Here are the comments from their voters. Note that these are tiny slips of paper, so there really isn't enough time or space for essays! (Except on the web site, people can babble all they want on their commentary pages, hint hint.)

"Albert and Diana. They were very much together and collected. They played as if they were one player. They didn't lose hope." -- Amy Chen

"Diana and Albert. They enjoy playing with each other, and they make each other laugh." -- Katherine Lin

"Albert and Diana, because they complimented each others' moves." -- Aichan Tewhade

"Diana and Albert. Their moves compliment each other." -- Kellin Pelrine

"Diana and Albert. They made moves that always went well with their partner's move." -- Thomas Creel

"Albert and Diana, in sync, good team work." -- Zeke Johnson

I hope Diana and Albert continue practicing, and continue becoming even more In-Sync!

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