Te wo Tsunaide '07 Comments

Amara Sailing

Amara Sailing (18 kyu), 11 years old
Player and... Near Winner!
Partner: Paul Barchilon (2 kyu)

Hello! I am Amara Sailing. On December 1st, 2007 I went to the 3rd annual pair go tournament, Te Wo Tsunaide. There were more pairs than years before this one. There were 3 rounds and the 4th round was either optional or a tie-breaker round. The tournament was at the UMC in Boulder. Karen (a player) brought brownies for everyone. There were 7 possible awards and Paul and I almost won two of them. Te Wo Tsunaide is a very fun celebration of pair go and the month of December.

Paul and I played 3 games and won 2. We won against Meaghan Griffith and Eric Shearer in round 2, and against Jessie Ramos and Kevin Gassaway in round 3. The awards Paul and I almost won were the Fighting Spirit and the Most In Sync Pair. We had the 2nd most votes for the In Sync.

The plaques were beautiful! The wood was black marble and the metal was silver. I really, really, wanted one. We would have won the Fighting Spirit Award if there wasn't a little mix-up in the handicap of a game other than ours. Oh well, they will look the same next year, and the game pairer didn't do that on purpose. Well, that is about all I have to say.

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