Te wo Tsunaide '06:
Denver's 2nd Annual Pair Go Tournament

Saturday December 2, 2006: Denver, Colorado

Presented by Fiery Rain of Go Stones

And another year of Pair Go has passed, with Te wo Tsunaide '06 being our 2nd annual tournament. We had a lot of new faces this year, plus a solid number of repeat attendees from last year. It is always a possibility that more reports and photos will eventually appear in this archive. Anyone who attended Te wo Tsunaide '06 (as a player, spectator, or staff member) is welcome to contribute! You can always contribute, even if it's a random nostalgic fit in 2015 (as long as the web site and I are still around).

There's a lot more past archiving to browse through via the Te wo Tsunaide '05, Te wo Tsunaide '07, and Te wo Tsunaide '08 archives as well!

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Te wo Tsunaide '06 Reports and Photos:

Te wo Tsunaide '06
Date: Saturday, December 2, 2006
Start Time: 10am
Location: Ramada Downtown Denver (Capitol Hill)

Te wo Tsunaide '06 staff:
Organizer: Jasmine Sailing
Organizer/Director Assistant: Bruce Young
Pairings Director: Steve Shapland
Photography: Ron Howerton

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