Te wo Tsunaide '06

Thank You notes

A very crucial thanks to Ulo Tamm, The International Pair Go Association, and Stu Horowitz for considerable financial support. I would not have been able to afford this tournament without their help.

Many thanks to Bruce Young for assisting me, and surviving my neurosis, all the way through the months of tournament organization (on top of so many years of project assistance in general!). Also many thanks to Steve Shapland for offering to help out, winding up a lot more on staff than expected, and managing to stick it out and be a good director without warning. We had a lot of hurdles, and we reasonably survived them! Much appreciation to Ron Howerton for generously spending most of his day taking 300 pictures for us, despite not even being a Go player. And thanks to my daughter, Amara Sailing, for being an excellent promotional assistant in training.

Thanks to Smart Go for the very generous contribution of the Smart Go program for the top 2 Pairs. Also many thanks for donating one to the organizer, and allowing me to test how easy it would be for winners to get and install the program. Thanks as well to Kiseido for the additional discount for the top Pair.

Thanks to Paul Barchilon and David Weiss for once again bringing in so many participants from the kids' clubs (Boulder and Highlands Ranch this time). It's always quite an amazing batch of kids, many of them beat us up phenomenally well! As before, I'm looking forward to how much the youth crowd will progress and grow between tournaments. Thanks also to Paul for his E Journal youth column "live" coverage of the tournament.

Thanks to my Pair Go partner, Kent Evenson, for putting up with the curse of playing with the organizer for a 2nd year. I know it's difficult to play with the person who is most likely to be pulled aside if anything goes wrong, not to mention with the person who is one big bundle of anxiety about how the tournament will turn out.

Thanks to Ulo Tamm, Stu Horowitz, Allan Abramson, and Gordon Klock for general support. And to Janice Kim, again, because I'm still running on all of the advice she gave me last year. Thanks to Larry, Ruth, Steve, Dave, Karen, Bob, Paul, and Ben for contributions!

Much gratitude again also goes out to everyone who attended the event or lent support in any way. Pair Go is a tricky beast to develop, and you have all been a crucial part of it.

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