Te wo Tsunaide '06 Comments

Amara Sailing

Amara Sailing (22 kyu), 10 years old
Player and Promotional Assistant
Partner: David Weiss, 3 dan

The tournament was really fun. I look forward to next year. Everyone looked like they had fun, and that is very important. I was very excited to start, and sad to end the fun of the tournament. My Mom's Pair Go tournament is so much fun, so don't miss it next year!

I played with Dave Weiss at the tournament. It was fun playing with a 3 dan. I worried about if I was doing silly moves, because my rating is 22 kyu AGA. Even though we didn't win a prize, we both had fun.

This year I helped with promotion. At the kids' club in Boulder, I made an announcement about the tournament. I also helped teach Go at the anime convention in October, and told people about the Pair Go Tournament there. For the tournament, I wore something interesting for the pictures. I wore a purple dress, a mask, and an orange scarf around my neck.

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