Te wo Tsunaide

'05 Tournament Venue

Location: Ramada Downtown Denver. This is actually in Capitol Hill, on East Colfax between Downing and Marion. The exact address is 1150 E. Colfax.

Tournament Room: We have a large room on the south-east side of the building, the door is on the south wall inside. To get there from the parking lot, you enter the glass doors (but you may need a card key) and walk up to the beginning of the courtyard area (past the pool). There is a door to the right. Walk inside, look right. The room (called Santa Fe) is a short distance down that hall. To enter from the Colfax side of the hotel, you should walk south through the lobby to the area that says "Restaurant and Bar" (there's a big sign). Take a right there. At the bar, turn left down the hall and walk to the room at the end of it. Alternatively you can interrogate hotel staff, or look for signs or familiar Go players.

Facilities: Both the hotel bar and the restaurant will be open during the tournament. The bar is very close to the tournament space, it's right at the end of the short (north-facing) hall. To get to the restaurant, go to the bar and turn right. Last time I stayed at this hotel, smoking was allowed in the bar. Smoking is definitely allowed in the courtyard right outside of event space, so you can sit out there if it isn't too cold. Many of us will no doubt need to babble between rounds (due to the no communication aspect of Pair Go). The best places for this are the hall, the courtyard, and the bar. You can visit the hotel's web site for more information: Ramada Inn, Downtown Denver.

Parking: There is a parking lot behind the hotel (and it is a private hotel parking lot), with entrances on both Downing and Colfax. Parking there is free.

Food: There are many restaurants in Capitol Hill, and the hotel has one as well. We will have snacks at the tournament. We are also buying coffee by the gallon (literally), and will have juice for the kids. Water will, of course, be present as well.

Environment: I have previously hosted multiple 4 day events at this hotel (which included sleeping there for 5 nights each time). These events were about 5,000 times more likely to cause hostile vibes than a Pair Go tournament would be. Regardless, there never were any hostile vibes and everyone enjoyed the venue. It is comfortable and spacious.

Room Reservations: If you are coming into town for the tournament and need a room, the current room rates are $65 per night. If 10 rooms are registered for the Pair Go tournament, the rate will decrease. Be certain to mention that you are with the Pair Go tournament! Call 303-831-7700, or toll free at 877-Ramada-1. You may also email reservations@ramadadowntowndenver.com to reserve a room. Please inform me if you do this, so I can also track of the number of reservations.

Contact: Jasmine Sailing.

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