Te wo Tsunaide '05

Thank You notes

Many thanks to Janice Kim for the prizes (trophies, stone bowls, commemorative book sets, and a Hikarunix MiniCD for every child participant), for organizational advice, and for helping my frazzled self host the event.

Thanks to the staff (Bruce Young, Tim Rand, Cherie Sailing, and David Weiss) for keeping everything running, and in some cases for putting up with too much neurosis from me over the few months prior to the tournament! Extra thanks go to Bruce and Tim for way too much extra help to list.

Thanks to the Boulder Kids' Club (and of course to Paul Barchilon and David Weiss for running it) for the amazing batch of kids who beat us all up! May they all enjoy giving us enormous handicaps next time. ;)

Thanks to my Pair Go partner, Kent Evenson, for managing to play with and maintain the most stressed, insane, and exhausted player in the room. I would've been a hysterical puddle on the floor without him.

Thanks to Ulo Tamm for lots of pre-tournament advice. To Stu Horowitz, Steve Shapland, Eric Wainwright, Colorado Go Association, and Mile Hi Go Association for additional support. And, of course, thanks to everyone who donated so the tournament wouldn't break me!

Much gratitude also goes to everyone who attended the event or lent support in any way. The first Te wo Tsunaide needed all of us to succeed!

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