Te wo Tsunaide '05 Comments

Vicky Li

Pair Go Tournament
Vicky Li (19 kyu)
Winner: 1st place, with Victor Li (14 kyu)

It was my first Go Tournament, so I was very excited! Can you believe it? Almost a whole day of Go! I promised myself that I would play my best, and learn a lot.

The atmosphere at the tournament was amazing. During the competition, there was so much focus in the room, and you get so absorbed in the game. It was a unique experience. The people there were nice, too, and I liked it when we discussed our games. By seeing what my mistakes were, and what my good moves were, I learned more about myself as a Go player.

Overall, I had a lot of fun. The Pair Go Tournament had a lot of families and friends competing against each other and having a good time. My brother and I played well together, and winning first place was great. Thank you very much for organizing this tournament, for it has increased my interest in Go.

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