Te wo Tsunaide '05


1st Place: Vicky Li (20 kyu) and Victor Li (14 kyu)
2nd Place: Jessica Lin (7 kyu) and Bill Manka (2 kyu)
Fighting Spirit: Katherine Lin (10 kyu) and Kellin Pelrine (7 kyu)
Most In-Sync Pair: Jasmine Sailing (8 kyu) and Kent Evenson (3 kyu)

We had 4 primary awards, with prizes courtesy of Janice Kim and Samarkand, at Te wo Tsunaide '05. An extra award of Hikarunix MiniCDs was given to every youth attendee who played Go that day.

Coincidentally (seriously), the recipients of the 2 extra awards were the pairs who sent the 1st and 2nd place pairs into the Finals (Katherine and Kellin lost to Vicky and Victor, Jasmine and Kent lost to Jessica and Bill). The Fighting Spirit award was for the knocked-out non-finalist pair with the most wins (post knock-out wins included), Most In-Sync was determined by vote and announced by Janice. The prizes for the latter 2 awards were the same, pardon the missing picture.

Congratulations to all of the award recipients, and many thanks to Janice!

Jessica and Katherine Lin both contributed comments about the tournament, please have a look. You can also find a little more info about the awards under the Organizer's Comments.

Note: I do not have a picture of Katherine and Kellin receiving their Fighting Spirit award. If anyone has one, please let me know! Failing that, maybe I can cap one from the video. Most of these pictures are a bit dark and green, better replacements would be great if anyone happens to have any.

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