Te wo Tsunaide

'09 Tournament Sections

Te wo Tsunaide has switched formats: it is now a 3 round Swiss, but still with the usual 2 Open and High Kyu Sections. Using this format allows us to decisively set the # of rounds, and keeps things running more smoothly. The downside is that High Kyu Pairs won't have the same easy opportunities to play Open Section Pairs in the post knock-outs like they used to. However, it is still possible that this can happen in round 3 (let the TD know if you are hoping to play a game outside of your section!). You are also always welcome to play extra games if you have the time between rounds, or after the official rounds have ended.

If you are interested in playing at Te wo Tsunaide '09, please contact me with your Pair stats. It is never too early. Knowing about how many Pairs, and of what strengths, to expect is extremely helpful in organizing this tournament. I will reconfirm that you are attending, and update your ratings, when I officially open pre-registration.

Open Section: This is the primary section, for Dan and SDK Pairs. Handicaps are given, despite it being called an Open Section. 3 rounds are played, but there is a slim possibility of this section having a 4th round tie-break if it is necessary for determining 1st or 2nd place. Most commonly it should be easy enough to determine the winners via play-offs within rounds 2-3 (with tie-break points used as needed). If a 4th round play-off should occur, all other Awards will be presented before it. Everyone who is not involved in the play-off will then be free to watch the game, play extra games, or go home.

High Kyu Section: This section works exactly the same way as the Open Section, except it is for High Kyu Pairs and it will definitely only be 3 rounds. The kyu boundary will depend entirely upon registration. We've had Pairs ranging all the way up to 28 kyu, so there's no need to feel like you aren't strong enough to join in. The maximum handicap is 9 stones, but we do our best to avoid setting anyone up with games outside of their 9 stone range (unless it becomes necessary for Award determining tie-breaks).

Extra Awards: Note that, beyond 1st and 2nd place for both sections, we have a few extra Awards. Pairs from both sections can qualify for these. See the Awards page for details.

Important side-note: In either section, please inform the TD of the scores (+R is also fine, if either Pair resigned) for your games. Scores are often important in assessing round pairings, and extra awards.

General Fun: Whenever you are idle and it will be a long wait for your next round (ask the TD if you are uncertain about how much time you have), you are free to have fun in any way you want (as long as it isn't disruptive!). You can play extra games, you can swap partners, sometimes people humour the partnerless guys by letting them play a game against them as a fake Pair. You can do whatever you want, but only official games with official Pairs count toward the various Awards.

Contact: Jasmine Sailing.

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