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'09 Awards

An Awards ceremony will be held at the end of the tournament. This year there will be 7 Award categories. Even if you seem to be falling out of the running for 1st or 2nd place in your section, there are still other Awards to aim for. Always keep trying! The determining factors for the extra Awards are detailed here. Winning Pairs for every single Award category will receive matching plaques. No Pair will receive multiple awards (eg the 1st Place Open winner can't also win Most In-Sync or Fighting Spirit). If 2 Awards have the same top contenders, they will be sorted out fairly amongst them.

Open Section, 1st Place: The Pair with the top win record gets 1st place. There will be play-offs in rounds 2-3 to avoid huge tie-breakers, so 1st place will generally be a decisive 3 win victory. When this isn't the case, play-offs and tie-breaks will determine the winner. If absolutely necessary (it should be very uncommon), there may also be a 4th round play-off to determine 1st and 2nd place in this section.

Open Section, 2nd Place: This award goes to the Pair with the 2nd best win record. Typically this will be a Pair who only lost to the 1st place Pair. Play-offs and tie-breaks will be used as needed.

High Kyu Section, 1st Place: The #1 High Kyu Pair. This is determined exactly the same way as 1st Place Open Section, except in that the High Kyu Section will definitely only be 3 rounds.

High Kyu Section, 2nd Place: The #2 High Kyu Pair is determined the same way as the #2 Open Section Pair.

Fighting Spirit: An Award for the Pair with the strongest win record (not counting 1st and 2nd place winners). The Fighting Spirit winner can be from either the Open Section, or the High Kyu section. Often it functions as a 3rd place Award. If there is a tie, or especially a large tie, there will be tie-breaker points for various factors. The first factor is who won against who amongst the people in the tie-break (this can be multiple tier, eg if there are 2 contenders who did not play each other we will factor the results from games with opponents they had in common). If necessary, more factors can be applied. This can include your game scores (be sure to report them to the TD!), winning against Pairs outside of your 9 stone range, etc.

Out-Standing Youth Pair: To further celebrate all of our young Pairs (under 18), this Award will be determined in a similar fashion to Fighting Spirit but will be, obviously, awarded to the most qualified youth Pair. Essentially this Award IS another Fighting Spirit Award, except in that it is only for youth players, and all calculations and tie-breaks are handled in the exact same way.

Most In-Sync Pair: Everyone present at the tournament (players, spectators, staff) is welcome to place 1 vote for the Pair they think is most in-sync. People should not vote for their own Pairs. Everyone who votes will be required to include their name with their vote, along with a note about why they believe that Pair deserves the Award. Comments about the winning Pair will be included in the TwT '08 archive, in the Awards section. You can pick a Pair you played or watched, just make sure you pick one that you honestly believe worked well together. Votes are generally collected late in the tournament (no earlier than round 3). Participants who need to leave early can (and should) vote early. Let the TD know, and he will give you a slip of paper for it. Note that I now also include a few In-Sync votes for ANY Pair (not only the winning Pair) on the site. Please feel free to be as creative and thoughtful as you wish to be in detailing the reasons for your vote! Hopefully this will make the voting process even more fun. Some people do only scrawl a hasty note, and that's okay too.

Contact: Jasmine Sailing.

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