Te wo Tsunaide: a Pair Go Tournament

Presented by Fiery Rain of Go Stones

Denver and Boulder, Colorado

Status: Te wo Tsunaide's purpose (aside from giving Go players something else to have fun and challenge themselves with, which it definitely accomplished) was to help promote Pair Go in the US. It was the US' first Pair Go tournament, outside of the US Go Congress. The final and fourth year was 2008. TwT may or may not eventually happen again. This web site is currently in an archival state of being.

What is Pair Go? Pair Go has enjoyed immense popularity in Japan, but has yet to spread as well in other countries. This is unfortunate in that it is such a mind-bending variation. In normal Go you may be accustomed to thinking in terms of "this works as long as my opponent doesn't do this before I do that". In Pair Go, there will be 3 moves before you can "do that". Pairs are teams of two people, one female and one male, who alternate moves during the game. (Please refer to the rules link below.) Which might seem easy enough until you take into account the other major factor: no communication between partners is allowed, not even body language. You need to try to connect with your partner, to understand how they are playing, and work well together.

Please visit the Te wo Tsunaide archives. Lots of photos and commentary can be found there.
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Multiple prizes will be awarded during a ceremony at the end of the tournament. Enjoy the full day if you can, either by playing all 3 rounds or by playing and then watching games. All non-disruptive spectators are welcome (as is catching solo games on the side when you need a break from spectating)!

Te wo Tsunaide Info:

Te wo Tsunaide staff (see archives for each year's complete staff):
Organizer: Jasmine Sailing, jsailing(at)netonecom.net
Director: Bruce Young, toxbs(at)yahoo.com

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