Fiery Rain of Go Stones

A Denver CO Go Club

Fiery Rain of Go Stones is an AGA Go chapter and club. The club meets at The Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St., on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays of every month from 1:30-5:30pm (or so, see Basic Info).

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Please note that we are now only meeting on the 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays of every month (we used to meet EVERY Sunday). Most of the time this will mean meeting every other week. If there is a 5th Sunday, we meet 2 weeks in a row because the 1st Sunday of the next month follows the 5th Sunday.

  • Basic Info: Venue, parking, player strengths, holiday impacts, etc. (Updated: 01/18/12)
  • Go Links: Ah... Go-related links! (Updated: 04/29/09)

Jasmine Sailing, Twitter: @madamecp
Bruce Young, Twitter: @BaghwanB

We would like to start #DenverGo on Twitter. Any fellow Denver Twits around?

Background image: the end of a game between Hane Naoki (black) and Amano Masafumi (white), back when the former was a sho dan and the latter was a 3 dan. Naoki won by resignation at this point. I took a digital photograph of the sgf at GoBase, and then muted it heavily to make text readable.