Cel & Section Additions: 2010

This is actually the 2010 through February 2011 updates, due to my sadly accurate prediction in the first entry for 2011. At least my disappearances have gotten considerably shorter!

02/06/11: Yesterday I heard there was some kind of Super Bowl going on today. Ah, who would the opponents be? Mubarak Vs the Muslim Brotherhood? Oh, wait, no, that's governmental talks... Instead of watching football, I finally got around to setting up a long promised Yu Yu Hakusho section: Hiei vs Mukuro. One cel moved from the Hiei page, and 2 from the Warlords of the Makai page (which left it pretty naked, so I'll scan Raizen or Youmi soon). I also included a freshly scanned Mukuro with the Kokuryuha. It's a bit of a spoilsome image... if you look at me saying that, and then look at the image, you'll get entirely the wrong idea about what happens. Since today was the day to start auctions again, I also scanned and added a new Mukuro to sell. It's the last Mukuro I knew I was planning to sell. You can see it on the auction page (it is already on ebay).

01/03/11: I considered archiving the 2010 updates, but decided to wait until the next time I space out for a few months. Unfortunately that never seems to take long. Today I added a lovely (but stressed) blue Ryoko to the Ryoko page in the Tenchi Muyo (etc) section.

12/30/10: I need to note that I am replacing a Last Updated date of 11/13/01 on my Utena section. That's pretty dramatic! I finally tried to pretend I know Mikage isn't the only character in the series by adding a Touga. Then, because I'm still in denial, I re-scanned one of the old Mikage cels. Those scans from '01 and earlier are terrible and I periodically replace one here or there. I would've preferred re-scanning the cel above the one I did, because I like it more (the 2nd cel on the page). But leaving that one for later will help motivate me to finish cleaning up the page. I also moved a cel of his astral twin (a couple of sad monkey-chasing robots), Mikagami from Flame of Recca, over to the For Sale page. It's okay, I have tons more cels of him (*crying*). AND I got all of the auctions running again. The auctions will end on January 6. Then I'll relist whatever is left on January 7 (and that will be it for a while, auction-wise). A happy New Year to everyone, and happy birthday to my sister today!

12/29/10: Er... hopefully I can update at least twice a month? I added a fire rescue picture of Keiko (with the named beyond the spoiler guard lump she's carrying) to the Yu Yu Hakusho Scenes page. It's the 2nd cel (being from episode 4) so you can see it without fear of Spoilers as long as you look no lower and refrain from reading the text. I also added episode titles to the 3 scans that needed them (one was for the cel of Karasu and Midorenja that I moved over from the Miscellaneous Youkai page today) and rewrote a few Comments sections. Plus I fixed up a little out of date text on a couple of other YYH pages. Tomorrow I'll get the auctions going again. I had intended to do that today, but all of those little things to be fixed were glaring out at me (and obviously if I blew them off it'd be at least another few years before I noticed again that I need to take care of them).

12/06/10: Life got the best of me as usual, and I apologise for leaving inactive auction links on the auction page for so long. All of the auctions are now active, and properly linked. As for the gallery, I added another Killua cel (it's the 2nd one) to the Killua, er, the Hunter x Hunter page. Soon I'll add... more Killua related cels. I'm still going to be busy for a while, but I hope to manage at least one update a week.

09/13/10 #2: And now I added a new Flame of Recca fights section: Fuuko Vs Fujimaru which (for the best, really) currently only features pictures of Fuuko. The top 2 pictures on the page are freshly scanned and added. The third (and last) one was moved from the Kirisawa Fuuko page (which left it looking way too thin, so I'll need to add to it very soon).

09/13/10: Today's addition was a nice horrified Fish Eye close-up on the Sailor Moon Fish Eye page. I don't think the cel or description are highly spoilsome, but it is the final episode for the Amazon Trio and there has been some plot development so you should proceed with caution if you haven't seen their story yet. It's the 4th cel on the page.

09/12/10: 2 weeks is better than 5 years... I got tired of my little Joker Vs Koganei being the only cel on the Flame of Recca Mixed Groups page, so I added a little Nemi and Kage cel to it. Don't worry, I have a lot of plans for updating. I've simply been busy and exhausted.

08/30/10: As I claimed I would yesterday, I scanned a Yuuhi cel today. Find it 3 cels down (the sweaty close-up) on the Ayashi no Ceres Yuuhi & Suzumi page. I also added Yuuhi's father to the auction page. Yes, of course it is revenge for any neglect Yuuhi suffered. ;) Okay, okay, the cel (rather than the character) is already on ebay, so it's at the bottom of the page.

08/29/10: I added a scan of Suzumi throwing her fan at Yuuhi in episode 2 of Ayashi no Ceres to my Yuuhi & Suzumi page. I think I'll scan a Yuuhi tomorrow, his representation on the site isn't very good. Where oh where is my perfect Ceres and Yuuhi cel... (The one I own in my dreams, *sigh*.) I also realized I actually didn't want to sell a Mikagami that was on ebay (but would've needed to if it was bid on, of course) so I prayed hard to the cellophane gods that it would go over-looked. Fortunately it was, and it is now on my Flame of Recca Mikagami page. 2 cels up from the bottom, the disgusted semi-SD profile. My, what dangerous noses people have in that series.

08/27/10: Yay, another gallery addition! I added a sadly deranged Phibrizzo to my Slayers Others section (actually titled "Mazoku, Weirdos, and What-Not" for now). I really wanted to scan that one during my recent Slayers rampage, and it looked like an easy scan so I figured I might as well get to it. I also added a Chef Ashford from Slayers to the auction page. I am starting to seriously burn out on picking cels to sale. I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it. (But don't we all.)

08/25/10: Sorry, everyone, it's been a week of constant medical appointments so I'm hard-pressed to find time for anything other than keeping up on auctions. And I would prefer to be posting more of those than I am. I did at least fill in ID info on my Sanosuke cel (Rurouni Kenshin). Scan-wise, I added a Yukina (Yu Yu Hakusho) to my auction page. I'll get back to at least some gallery updates by next week. I almost scanned some genga, but then noticed that the small printer cuts the tops off of the images. *sigh*

08/22/10: I set aside 4 cels to scan for my gallery... and then I burned myself out for the day before I could get to them. I did add a (human form) Koenma to the auction page. I also revived the Sold page, with 2 recent cels. One of which was the Heero I scanned for the Auction page just yesterday, I apologize if that breaks any hearts. The new owner's gallery is linked on the Sold page, and a lot of nice Heero cels are there. Hopefully I'll be adding to my own gallery again very soon. This week will be hectic, but I'll see what I can do.

08/21/10: I added a Nehelenia (plus the sketch) to my Sailor Moon (Miscellaneous) Recurring Villains page, after realizing she was completely absent. To think I hadn't scanned someone whose big fatal flaw is her beauty... I scanned the sketch as well. I was going to scan her strangling Neptune with her hair, but that would involve creating a new section and moving another cel from another page, and... I'll be pretty hectic for the next couple of weeks. I'll get to the more complicated additions after that. I added a Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing) and another Koganei Kaoru (Flame of Recca) to the auction page.

08/19/10: This time I purged the embarrassing old update date from my Weiss Kreuz section. And from 2 out of 3 of the Weiss subsections. To the Weiss subsection itself I added a battered Omi. (4 cels down the page.) And to the Miscellaneous section I added a cel of Maki kind of with Yohji, and one of her definitely with Yohji. Rest assured that no one is crying harder than I am over me not adding any Schwarz cels! Ah, I also added a hooded Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho) to the auction page.

08/17/10: I added a couple of Flame of Recca cels today. One is an icy Kai close-up in the SPOILER-heavy Mikagami Vs Kai fight section. I also added a new character section, Mixed Groups, to house a Joker Vs Koganei cel. On the depressing "I don't wanna think about this" front, I finally added a Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei (and a cheap Mizuno Ami of Sailor Moon) to the auction page.

08/16/10: I keep adding auctions to ebay every single day. There are 21 active auctions so far. Don't forget to check them! Today's gallery additions... One is a nice close up of Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi, one of the only series that still had 2001 update date until now. There's a Fushigi Yuugi pan cel I really want to scan, but that'll need to wait for printer repair. I also attempted to scan a Hiei cel so I could auction it... but it wound up in the Yu Yu Hakusho gallery instead. Find it at the bottom of the Jaganshi Hiei page. If you are in dire need of a Hiei cel, don't worry. I picked another one to scan for the auction page and I should get to it within a couple of days.

08/15/10: Still on a Slayers kick, though I will now force myself to delay the list of "I wanna scan this Slayers cel and that one and that one..." until after I've updated some other series. This time I added a Valgarv with dragon arm to the Gaav & Valgarv page, and a 6 layer group cel of Amelia, Gourry, Jiras, and Filia (Slayers Try) to the Multiple Characters section. I also added a close-up Youmi profile (Yu Yu Hakusho) to the auction page.

08/11/10: I hadn't intended to disappear for a few days. I dumped a bunch of water on my keyboard and was stuck waiting for a new one. Today I added 2 Slayers cels as a commemoration of my plan to finally get around to watching Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R tonight. Here's to hoping it'll be good! The cels, of course, are good ol' Slayers TV. There's a quite irked Martina in the Regular Thugs section, and a Lina abusing Gourry in the Multiple Characters section. Does this mean I'm looking forward to a lot of anger and violence? Sure... I bet we can all guess I'm most looking forward to Xellos, though. I did make sure Xellos and Zelgadis were in the new episodes before deciding to watch them. ;) And now that I'm behind schedule on starting auctions, gallery updates will be on hold until after I get the first auctions running tomorrow.

08/08/10 #3: I'm on a rampage! I suppose I should settle down and finish my prep for the first rounds of auctions. Part of me wants to replace all of those pathetic old update dates on the index page... This time I changed the Card Captor Sakura update date by adding a group cel of Sakura (bat suit), Kero, Tachibana Yuki, and Tomoyo from episode 7. You can find it at the bottom of the Mixed Groups page.

08/08/10 #2: I guess I wasn't quite done for the day. I added a cel of the touzoku with the freshly bitten finger (courtesy of baby Hiei) from the Hiei flashbacks in episode 100. You can find it around the middle of the Yu Yu Hakusho Miscellaneous Youkai page, wedged in between Juri and Miyuki (hard to miss, it's the only grey scale cel on the page). This should only be temporary. Episodes 99-100 are my favourite episodes in the series, and whenever I have enough cels from them scanned they'll have their own section. Speaking of Yu Hakusho, I also added a freshly scanned Yukina to the auction page. I don't think that made me very happy, though.

08/08/10: I was going to scan my one and only not scanned Saitou cel, but it has a background. ARGH. So I scanned Megumi instead. I was due for adding a woman anyway. You can find Megumi (and hopefully eventually that Saitou!) in my Rurouni Kenshin section. She is down at the bottom of the page. I also finished sorting out my auction page. There are 24 cels so far. I'll be starting auctions in a few days, I just need to look over the cels very carefully to see if I missed listing any damage first. I also updated the Seen Anime page. It probably isn't complete, but it's more complete than it was 2 years ago.

08/07/10: Today I added a Jubei-chan section, featuring 5 cels from Koinosuke's first ever little dry up and die incident in episode 1. I think the simple fact that this is 5 cels prevented me from getting around to scanning these years ago. It wouldn't have been any fun to put them up one at a time, and it was hard to find the time for all 5 at once. In fact I think I'm quite done for the day after this endeavor.

08/06/10: I have recently been slithering unseen on the web site, prepping the auction page for a big ebay run, but didn't want to announce official updates until something new was in the gallery. And now something is! I added a Hunter x Hunter section with, so far, one Killua cel. There'll be more to come. Unfortunately part of why (really, only one small part) I gave up on scanning cels was because the old scanner was forcing my pathetically perfectionist self to spend literally hours trying to fix scan glitches. And in the end I always felt like the scans still looked like crap anyway. Which, quite frankly, they too often did. The current scanner isn't as glitchy... however it is a small scanner. I'm hoping to fix my big old scanner up a bit but, until then, I can only scan small normal cels. No pans, no backgrounds. That's particularly a bummer for me in that I wanted to kick off with my one Kamui (X) cel... which is a large-size movie cel with a background and lots of layers. Ah well. It's not like I don't have plenty of nice normal sized cels to scan! You should also take a look at the auction page. That has grown, and will continue to grow, and I expect to be starting auctions next week. I'll be steadily posting more auctions at least until early September.

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