Cel & Section Additions: 2005

This isn't as big of an archived subsection as Updates 2003-2005, but... Well, having failed to update the gallery again until 2010... 5 years is a somewhat large gap in entries. Might's well start all over with a new updates page again. And where have I been these past 5 years? Gosh, that's an excellent question. I wish I knew the answer. Go organizing is a thing of my past, so at least the first distraction cited on this '05 page is out of the way.

12/30/05: Ah... slow as usual. I had intended to continue updating, but found myself too over-loaded with the Pair Go tournament I was organizing (Te wo Tsunaide, a new annual distraction for me). Now I'll need to bounce between adding scans here, and photos and tournament reports there. Here's to hoping my brain won't simply melt-down, leading to absolutely nothing getting done. (As usual, I know.) I finally added the scan I was working on back in late October. Ryoko and Ayeka in the bath... though Ryoko appears quite naked, you don't get to see anything. Sorry, of course I would show all if I had all. This is in the Mixed Groups section of the Tenchi gallery. I should be slowly adding more, because I really really need to resume auctions in February.

10/29/05: The gallery cel scan I wanted to put up tonight is being a pain. It rainbowed badly, and I've been working on it for a stupidly long time. Almost done. I'll be very busy Sunday-Tuesday, but hopefully I'll find a moment to finish and add it. Aside from that, I added a Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho) to the auction page.

10/21/05: I finally made it back with a diverse update, and I am seriously going to start auctions again very soon. It'll be a small round of auctions, possibly beginning around the 29th. I'll know when I update again next Wednesday. Firstly, I added a list of anime series I have seen (under Miscellany). Theoretically this will prevent people from recommending that I watch series I have already seen, because they do not appear in my cel collection. If I collected everything I've seen... I'd be much more broke than I already am! (Post note: that page was removed because I use myanimelist now.)

And, yes, I did update my production cel gallery. I added a lovely pan cel of Ruka (the pseudo-nurse) from Yu Yu Hakusho to the YYH Miscellaneous Youkai section, and a Big Sakura with fantasy Dragon to the Card Captor Sakura Kinomoto Sakura page. (Yes, I am testing how many times I can say Sakura in one line.) I also added a (Yu Yu Hakusho) Mukuro to the auction page. I'll return with more updates on 10/26!

06/06/05: Wow, an update after all of this time! I'm hoping to be capable of adding production cels to the gallery, and more auction cels to the auction page, very very soon now. I recently moved, and am wading through the set-up hurdles. First I need to rearrange furniture to find space for the scanner. Then I need to hope I won't be spending the next month digging around for drivers to install for the scanner. Yes, yes, a new home AND a new computer. It's been... complicated. This update happened over a stretch of a few days. I thought it would be easy because everything was pre-scanned, I only needed to write up the entries and plug them in. That was my fantasy world version of how it would go, anyway. As soon as I plugged in the auction cels and got to work on the fan cels, I realized I didn't have a thumbnail for ONE of them. Nor did I have a single program that would do something as simple as resizing a jpg (yes, I am somewhat balder from ripping my hair out now). So I bought Photoshop, and now hopefully (barring my fear of lack of scanner drivers becoming reality) I should be back in action as soon as I figure out where to put the scanner. I actually RE-added (previous "buyers" vanished) a Megumi (Kenshin) and a Mikagami (Flame of Recca) to the auction page. And I plugged in 3 beautiful fan cels from bottou-chan in my Fan Cels section. Those lovelies are a manga Mikagami (Flame of Recca), a Thief King Bakura (Yu*Gi*Oh Duel Monsters), and a Renge (also Flame of Recca manga).

Where are the 2004 updates? Uh... on my Go club site, my personal web site, my Cnidarian site, AND the CPAOD site. ie pretty much everywhere BUT the cel site. Sorry about that!

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