Cel & Section Additions: 2002-2003

Here are the oldest records of my cel site updates, all the way back through 10/02/02. The site existed well before then, but between tons of stress and a long-running depression over my Mom's death I had ceased updating for a long while. I can't really remember the order of updating before then, though you can in some instances tell which scans are oldest because they either look lousy (my original scanner produced muddy images) or never got their sizes reduced. Some of the oldest additions were eventually rescanned, though.

So... wasn't this an interesting final entry from someone who failed to update again until over 1.5 years later. Suffice to say the entire family died from flesh-eating bacteria back in 10/03. We're still here, but sadly we've become blistering, pus-covered, zombies with no throats. Look at the cels, not us! ;)

10/12/03: And with strep throat passing around the house all last week to present, I'm still going to be wimpy and whiny about updates. I did add a Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho) and a gorgeous Washu (Tenchi) to the auction page, but all else will need to wait while I slug around being pathetic (and a concerned Mom!).

10/10/03: I was too hectic for a full update today, so I'll be adding more on Sunday (in 2 days). So far I added a nice Aki close-up and a Mikoto (both Flame of Recca) to the auction page.

10/03/03: I've still been too exhausted to manage a gallery update. I did, however, get a little exciteable about scanning possibilities while looking for more to sell. Hopefully that means I'll update soon! To the auction page I added a very nice group cel of Reiha, Matsukaze, and Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu) with matching background; a very cute Kurama from his Genbu fight (Yu Yu Hakusho); and a close-up of Kuukai (Flame of Recca).

09/28/03: It'll be quiet around here for a while. My MS has been exacerbating for the past couple of weeks, and last week it got to the point where I can't sit up or hold my head up for very long. I didn't have the energy to manage an update, so I only added a cute Hiei cel to the auction page. Like selling a cute Hiei could make me feel anything but worse. ={ My current auctions are running differently than past ones, get the details on the auction page. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to updating the gallery soon!

09/22/03: Well! I had quite a struggle with trying to post ebay auctions yesterday and finally gave up in defeat. Not only weren't they posting, my computer got so hosed up that I couldn't check/send email or load other web sites. Today I tried a different browser and it worked fine. At least now I know... And auctions are now running, a day late. Because I was wrestling with that, the update planned for yesterday also didn't make it up until today. But here it is! As promised, or at least insinuated, I broke the Gundam Wing page down into sections. Now there'll be plenty of room for more scans. The sections, 5 so far, are: Moments, Gundam Pilots, Zechs & Noin, Treize & Lady Une, and Mecha. I also scanned a Noin, so Zechs wouldn't be all alone in their section. That'd be the Zechs & Noin section, naturally! And I added a nice key set of Yanagi (Flame of Recca) and a Touya (Yu Yu Hakusho) to the auction page. Now I need a little time off from updates, to hopefully feel less crappy, but I will still start new auctions tomorrow.

09/19/03: I haven't broken the page down into subsections yet, but I did add one more Gundam Wing cel (Quatre this time). I'll be breaking everything down over the next few days. I also added a Ryoko (Tenchi) and a Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon) to the auction page, and I purged the Sold page to make space for new sales.

09/16/03: Today I added a Wufei fighting (with Treize) close-up to the Gundam Wing page, and two Flame of Recca cels (one of Mikagami and Recca, one of Aki) to the auction page. I might finally break the Gundam Wing page down into sections next time I scan anything for it. Whether I'll do that or tackle Fushigi Yuugi next is still a debate for me, though. Choices, choices, when all I really want to do is flake off and play video games. ;)

09/14/03: Very small update. ={ A nice Yami Yugi close-up for my Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters genga section, on the Yami Yugi page of course. And a Flame of Recca group cel for the auction page. I finally settled on a date for resuming auctions: September 21. I might not be able to run quite as many auctions (per week) as last time. My ancient cat (22-23 years old) went blind last week and has been needing a lot of help and reassurance. We'll have to see how much time I get to spend at my computer.

09/11/03: Not quite the large update I'd hoped for, but hopefully good enough. I added scans of two characters I feared I would never have good cels of (since the anime bothers to use them for all of a few minutes), Joker and Jisho, to my Flame of Recca Kurei's Loyal Uruha page. The Jisho is particularly nice. And I added two Yu Yu Hakusho cels to the auction page: a Shigure and a group cel of Botan, Kuwabara, and Yuusuke. The next update should be around the 14th.

09/08/03: And here we go again. The first updates of this round were Yugioh Duel Monsters genga. A comical Honda, Jounouchi, and Anzu was added to the YDM Groups page. A very nice Yami Yugi close-up was added to the auction page. I will resume auctions around the middle of this month. The next update will probably be larger and therefore take a few days (or so) to assemble. To make room for a lot more additions I'll be reducing the size of the large scans in my gallery. Resizing the existing scans will take a long time and be erratic at best, but from now on new scans will be a little smaller. Some of you might have noticed that I reduced (most of) the thumbnails a while back, time to do the same for the real bandwidth hogs.

07/19/03: Three pan cels of Aki inaugurated the debut of a Domon Vs Aki page under Flame of Recca. They're stripping pan cels, but don't get your hopes up too much. ;) And I added the nicest Yuusuke yet to my auction page. Though it probably won't make it to ebay in this round of auctions, unless I go longer than I'm currently planning to. Nothing wrong with a headstart on the September auctions, I guess.

07/14/03: I'm slowing down a bit on updates since I won't be running auctions for too terribly much longer (yay!). But I will still try to add occasional cels, even when I'm not auctioning. I added a lovely backgrounded cel of young Genkai and Toguro Otouto('s back) to the Yu Yu hakusho Scenes page, as well as a Maki (Weiss Kreuz) on the auction page.

07/08/03: Today I added a group cel of the three Starlights plus (obscured) Chibi Chibi and Eternal Sailor Moon to the Sailor Moon Senshi page. I included the sketch for unobscured Chibi Chibi viewing. And on the auction page I added a CCS movie 2 Li Syaoran cel. Now I'm taking a few days off from cel scanning because it's my birthday tomorrow and I plan to enjoy it, but I will continue to start auctions on ebay.

07/06/03: A nice close-up of Sniper shooting marbles gave me cause to finally start the Sensui's Gang sub-section under Yu Yu Hakusho. A pre-existing Itsuki scan was relocated there. Plus 3 auction additions: Koto (YYH), Shido (nightwalker), and Koganei (YYH).

07/03/03: Kind of a half-assed update (in that the gallery addition was pre-scanned and then spaced out) because a friend is over for the day and ignoring him in favour of web site work wouldn't be nice. But here's a kind of new one for the Ayashi no Ceres Groups page. Poor thing doesn't look as good as it could next to that Tennyo group! I also added an over-sized Sakura (CCS) and a Rinku (YYH) to the Auctions page. And now I'll be taking a couple of days off so my kids can have a fun 4th.

07/02/03: I can't call him purdy purdy, but I do think he is the best-looking guy of the AnC crowd: Wei, sadly sporting a slashed eye and face in my Ayashi no Ceres Kagami's Crew sub-section. Well... maybe the blood makes it purdy purdy for a pervert like myself. And another darker cutie for the Auctions page: Nagumo from Cyber Formula.

06/30/03: Purdy purdy Zel, aka Lulu, was today's addition. A nice close-up, off- colour because it's when he is in the ice. That's in my Slayers Zelgadis section. The Auctions page additions were a Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) and a Yami Yugi (Yugioh Duel Monsters).

06/27/03: A very very nice addition today, I think. A group Tennyo cel in a new Ayashi no Ceres Groups sub-section. And a couple more Flame of Recca cels (Mikagami and Fuuko) for the Auctions additions. This weekend is our local untimely Sakura Matsuri and for almost a decade we've at least attended the Bon Odori every single year (having been Nihonphiles before we even finished succumbing to severe anime addictions). So no more web site work for me until Monday! If you were me (which you obviously aren't, lucky you) you wouldn't be finished staring at the Tennyo cel before then anyway. ;)

06/25/03: A movie 1 Sakura cel is now in the Card Captor Sakura Kinomoto Sakura section. On the For Auction page, I only added one YYH Yuusuke.

06/24/03: (only about 1am this time!) Added a Treize (finally!) to the Gundam Wing section. And kind of to accompany him, but not quite in the right way, a Lady Une surfaced on the For Auction page. I won't be starting new auctions on ebay until the 30th, but I will continue to add cels and there will be auctions ending right up until the same date. I need to catch up on everything.

06/20/03: Though it's only one cel, it feels like a major accomplishment because it took almost 9 months of working on the scan. *cough* It's as bad as pregnancy! Well, no, not really. At least I could blow it off whenever I felt too hopeless. The painfully birthed cel is a Lady Une bomb pan in the Gundam Wing section. Now that this one is no longer holding me up, I might add lots of GW cels! A BIG update (well, 4) on the For Auction page, because I'll be worrying over some non-cel auctions as well tomorrow. No time for scanning! So I added a Gourry and Lina (Slayers), an Aki (Flame of Recca), an Aki (Ayashi no Ceres), and not-an-Aki-but-a-very-cute Sasami & Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi something or other).

06/18/03: This is update is a day late. I suppose I should've known it would be one of those days yesterday when I began my morning by breaking the coffee pot while trying to make the first batch. A pissy computer-crashy day AND no coffee, *sigh*. Today I added an actual Mizuki-sensei cel (no idea why I took so long to get around to it, she's so purdy) to a new Card Captor Sakura Others page. And on the For Auction page I added Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon), a Weiss group, and Koganei (Flame of Recca). My son will probably run away from home if I don't cut it out on the latter. ={ I might if I don't cut it out on the sales altogether, for that matter. July is almost here...

06/15/03: For a break, today I added another Kaiba genga set to the Yugioh Duel Monsters Kaiba Seto page. But at the same time I gave myself a triple cringer on the For Auction page by adding Xellos (Slayers, of course), Kage Houshi (Flame of Recca), and Yukina (Yu Yu Hakusho). *sobbing melodramatically*

06/14/03: (1:30am AGAIN) The end of the sequence is up in the Koganei Vs Shiju section. I still need to scan the middle 3, but I might work on other shows again for a while. Today's For Auction additions were a teensy Ceres flying with Shouta (Ayashi no Ceres) and a set of 2 Yami Yugi genga (Yugioh Duel Monsters). And now for another day off, because a new medication has been making me both groggy and exciteable.

06/11/03: (7:13pm) No, I didn't wake up this late! I got a bit caught up in messing with several of my Flame of Recca pages. The Koganei Vs Shiju section is now up. I only managed scans of 3 cels out of the below-mentioned sequence so far, but more will come. Two cels from the Koganei section moved to this one as well. Now the poor Koganei section needs help!

06/11/03: (1:30am) I was going to be putting up a Koganei & Shiju sequence earlier, but a long power outage left me behind on everything. I'll start adding it later, after I wake up, and continue adding more whenever scans are ready. Quick additions to the For Auction section: a human form Koenma (Yu Yu Hakusho) and an aerobics suit Mikagami. Gallery additions after a snooze!

06/08/03: I added a Lina-horse casting Dragon Slave to my Slayers Regular Thugs page. And of course the obligatory 3 cels to the For Auction pile: a Ryoko, Sasami, & Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi, a Yuu from Marmalade Boy, and I moved a Washu over as well.

06/06/03: After selling two long ago, I finally got around to adding one of the Touya as Cinderella cels I'm keeping. It's both him and Yoko, so it's on the Card Captor Sakura Groups page. Today's For Auction additions were an Aya from Weiss Kreuz and a Megumi from Rurouni Kenshin.

06/03/03: It was another only one cel update, but a dream cel one! One of my highest priority Mikagami ones (Flame of Recca)! It's in the Mikagami Vs Kai section, but I must warn you that both the cel and the section are spoiler-laden for the tail end of the series. On the For Auction page I added Zechs (Gundam Wing), Koganei (Flame of Recca), and Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho). I also moved Gaav and Joe (both Slayers) over there.

06/02/03: Today's addition was a cel of Karasu and Kurama fighting in the Yu Yu Hakusho Groups section. I expect it will eventually be in a Kurama Vs Karasu section, but we shall see. The For Auction additions were also YYH: one Botan and one Yuusuke. Must... MUST... win sweepstakes so I can avoid doing more auctions! Maybe entering them would increase my odds?

05/29/03: I filled in the CCS dead link for Touya and Yukito today, but only by adding one Yukito scan so far. And I added a FoR Mikoto to the For Auction page. I'm taking a few days off (my poor widdle brain feels like it's being ripped in half), but the first auctions end Saturday and I'll be back with more updates on Monday.

05/27/03: Only one non-auction addition today (but it's a good one!): young Farfarello in the Weiss Kreuz Schwarz section. And I added 4 cels to the For Auction page: Mikage from Utena, a cute little Hiei (YYH), a very nice Lina close-up (Slayers), and also from Slayers I moved the Gourry in drag back to the auctions. I'll be back with more on the 29th! (Taking an entire day off from the auction grind to see my niece-in-law's graduation.)

05/26/03: Today's main work was on the Card Captor Sakura section. Amongst some general meddlings, I added a Supi and Kero sub-section along with a few new scans of them. The additions are the two solos and the SD duo. The Supi from my Eriol section and a movie 2 Meilin are now on the For Auction page. The latter update seemed to be much more of a struggle for me than the former, despite requiring less work.

05/22/03: As previously insinuated, I scanned my naked Rui and added it to the Flame of Recca Beasts & Bipeds of Flame section. Once I pay my back-logged medical bills, can someone please sell me the pan cel that follows it? ;) I also threw a Bipiero (Sailor Moon R Cardian) close-up and a little (Card Captor) Sakura on the For Auction page.

05/20/03: I finally broke the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters section down into a bunch of sub-sections. It should still be sparse enough to find all of the old scans. While splitting everything off I made a few new additions. A Yami Yugi pan genga set, a Ra (Kami card) with teensy Yami Marik on its head under Duel Monsters, Otogi and Honda under Groups, and a Jounouchi close-up in the Yugi-tachi sub-section. Now I can feel like I've established this section and get back to working on others again as well! Aside from genga, I added 3 more cels to the For Auction page: Michael Grant from Marmalade Boy, Fish Eye in dress (Sailor Moon), and a cheap little Recca (Flame of Recca). More soon! I'm thinking I want to scan naked Rui next, but not for the Auctions page!

05/16/03: 3 more cels on the For Auction page. Actually a bundle of 3 Ayashi no Ceres cels, plus one Gundam Wing and one more Flame of Recca. I scanned more genga a while back and should be plugging it in soon.

And this long gap in updating was due to my being over-worked causing a severe exacerbation of my multiple sclerosis, which also caused my Grave's Disease problems to get bad. Then the two diseases began antagonizing each other. Like that wasn't enough of a problem, I have chronic excess drowsiness from the heart meds the Grave's Disease caused me to need. All of this will probably cause many more long gaps in updating, *sniffle*. But I'll do my best to add something every now and then!

02/23/03: 3 more genga/sets in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters section. A Duelist Kingdom split, a Kaiba pan, and a La Jinn. I wanted to scan more, but these (especially the pan) made my poor widdle computer too crashy for one day. More next weekend, I guess, since I'll be overly busy with work until then.

02/20/03: 2 Yu Yu Hakusho cels (Yuusuke and Botan) were added to the For Auction page.

02/18/03: A set of human Yugi genga in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters section.

02/17/03: Ishizu sitting down (pardon my exciting descriptions) genga (Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters), and a cute Lina and Gourry cosplay cel (in the Slayers Multiple Characters section).

02/15/03: Rail Claymore in true uniform, ie with his video camera, in the Lost Universe Rail & Nina section. An old Rail was simultaneously moved over to the For Auction page.

I got side-tracked by scanning doujinshi and manga, hence the gap between update dates.

01/23/03: A 4 part sequence of Kaiba and Yami Yugi (the latter is actually only in two) genga debuted the new Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters section.

01/19/03: Reeshii and Bipiero both joined the Sailor Moon Monsters of the Week page. Also under Sailor Moon, Snow Queen was added to the Recurring Villains section for lack of anywhere better to stick her at the moment. I also started a Yu Yu Hakusho Scenes section with an episode #1 cel of Yuusuke "saving" the kid from the car, and one of Botan (with Kurama) getting her... well, it's a spoiler from the atsui taboo episodes. AND I moved the Hiei (bleeping) Sniper spoiler cel to this new section. If you aren't current on YYH, you may only want to look at the first of these 3 cels.

01/17/03: A fortune-telling Botan in the Yu Yu Hakusho Reikai Personnel section.

01/15/03: I got around to adding a Bakuretsu Hunters page, with 2 SD Zoanthropy cels. Cute!!! Sometime around here I also opened the first Favourites page, and then promptly forgot to finish filling it in. Sounds like a good, normal, start for me! The basic purpose of this section is to give newcomers to my site a little tour of what other visitors consider to be the highlights.

01/10/03: An Epyon close-up on the Gundam Wing page.

01/09/03: 2 lovely Kurenai in flame form (one closeup of her face, one full body) for Flame of Recca's Beasts & Bipeds of Flame. I would like to separate her from the ryu, but more likely pretty much everything on that page will eventually become part of a Kurei Vs Recca section. Cres painted a (Yugioh Duel Monsters) Bakura for me that was too hilarious to blow off scanning, find it in the Fan Cels section.

There's a long gap between here and the previous updates because I was too over-worked to breathe. Well, maybe I breathed enough to stay alive. Maybe. It could be that I'm actually a zombie now, or it could be that I always was... observe the sluggish pace with which I update this site and make up your own mind.

10/17/02: Today's entry was Heero holding a gun on Relena. Well, not really, but you can wishfully see it that way if you want, in the Gundam Wing section.

10/16/02: I believe this is the day I added my Shishio OP cel. The background is still a complete mess, hopefully I'll rescan it eventually. It's on my Rurouni Kenshin page. I love the cel very very very much, I just wish I could scan it without it turning into a big messy blob.

10/10/02: This was a biggie! An entire Youko section debuted under Yu Yu Hakusho, with 6 new scans to start it off. As if that wasn't bad enough, my young bloody OAV Saitou went up on the Rurouni Kenshin page as well.

10/07/02: Two gems for the Sailor Moon Fiore & Kisenian page: a beautiful pink-haired Fiore closeup, and a Kisenian almost close-up. Both are from the R movie.

10/06/02: An adorable blue close-up I long coveted in Saiyanwolf's gallery graced my Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei section, along with a silly but beloved "bad crank Hiei" (my own pet name for them). Hiei also debuted my Fan Cels page, or more specifically Maijin Hiei did.

10/03/02: Xellos with two eyes open, but being beaten up by Gaav, in the Slayers Xellos section. It was my first two open-eyes Xellos cel. And, hell, at those prices... it may be my last. I had to put that gem up because nothing else would have seemed interesting enough after the other addition of the day, SD Female Hiei amongst the Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei cels.

10/02/02: A very small but very silly Zel Usa-chan in ogre pants, having an aggravated fit, under my Slayers Zelgadis cels. Around here at some point (can't recall anymore) more for auction cels were added, including a highly cute Zel closeup that now lives in another happy home. I miss you, *sniffle*. Heh, pardon. Equally silly, but not quite equally small, was Ryoko and Ayeka as chibi kappa in the Tenchi Muyo Mixed Groups section.

Before October I barely did anything for months after my Mom died, hence it being a good breaking point on retroactive update listings. My cel site, of course, had been up and running for a considerable time before the long '02 depression hiatus.

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