Cel & Section Additions

I will mostly list new cel scans here, though if something else important enough is added or altered I'll mention it as well. This Updates section began on 02/20/03, but I included retroactive updates from as far back as October '02. I couldn't remember the order of any updates from before then. It's entirely possible that I accidentally (spacily) omitted some of the updates between 10/02/02 & 02/19/03. The '02-'03 updates, the much shorter '05 updates, and now the '10 (through February '11) updates, can still be perused on separate pages (linked at the bottom of this page). Feel free to see what you missed way back when, if you get bored or have particular anal-retentive needs to meet or whatever. There were no updates in '04, or in '06-'09. I'm doing much better now, really I am.

12/22/14: Yes, I suck. I'm still alive, I still have cels for sale, I still have cels to scan. I pulled out 2 cels to scan today, both of Killua & Gon, after realising with horror that I only have 2 Hunter x Hunter cels up and neither of them include both main characters. Sure, I've always been Killua-centric... but I spent over a decade loving the friendship between those 2 and worrying about what they would wind up doing to each other (okay, I worried more about Killua) before Gon ruined it all for me in the Chimera Ant arc. Curse you, Gon!!! ;) Unfortunately the long buried scanner needs a scrubbing so badly that a wipe down wasn't good enough. I'll see if someone has cleaning supplies, and hopefully scan some cels soon. I also tried taking photos of the cels, but they were too grainy. Maybe when there's more light, instead of at exactly the darkest point of the year.

I am removing the "Seen Anime" page because you can find it all + ratings (3 decades of anime viewing, it's pretty damn scary) at myanimelist. My ID is madamecp. I don't mean to be anti-social there. I'm signed up for notifications, but I never receive them. Please don't message me there (message @madamecp on Twitter), but if you are trying to friend me and I'm not noticing you can hail me via a comment on my profile. Just include a note of interest in the comment, like maybe about anime since that's what the site is for. I will also add the myanimelist profile link to the bottom of the Cels main page (where contact info can be found). Yes, my avatar there is my Renge (Flame of Recca) fan cel.

Sorry if I over-excited anyone with the update date, but at least you know I'm still thinking about this site.

07/17/11: It's finally time to begin a new Updates page! And, yes, I did actually add new cel scans. I also changed some things, though, so let me get to that first.

I moved everything on the Auction page to For Sale pages (auctions burned me out, I'll just work on my gallery for a while... and occasionally add more cels to sell... then eventually I'll resume the auctions). In the process, I made extra pages. The For Sale page is now a true index, and cels from most series are on the Cels For Sale: Miscellaneous page. Because I've traditionally sold more cels from Flame of Recca and Yu Yu Hakusho than any other series, they both have their own For Sale pages: Cels For Sale: Flame of Recca and Cels For Sale: Yu Yu Hakusho. I also added an Ordering & Contact Info page, which even includes a couple of extra ways to attempt to communicate with me (I know I can be a wee bit elusive from time to time).

One more item to note: if you use the RSS Feed on this site you'll want to manually refresh it for a while (when you see cel updates here). I didn't add enough items at the start, so the # of items will grow (and therefore not show in the feed without refreshing) until, oh, there's maybe about 20 of them. *shrug*

So! The cels! 2 from Yu Yu Hakusho today. There's a dark and cold Itsuki on the Sensui's Gang page, and a Yuusuke firing his Rei Gun on the Yuusuke & "Friends" page. I had fully intended to scan a Sensui, but then decided against the one I'd pulled out of a celbook. So I swore to get to Sensui "soon". Which reminded me that I was supposed to save the Makai Warlords page by adding some, oh, Makai Warlords to it. I also want to look up the episode info for the 3 cels on the Sensui page, though that shouldn't be too difficult (and I'm sure I will enjoy it).

Methinks I have trapped myself into working on the YYH section for a while. After I catch up on those issues I'll get back to the less represented shows on the site. By the way, one of the YYH pages I updated today hadn't been touched since February 2002. The other one hadn't been since either late 2002 or 2003 (can't remember). So, yeah, I also needed to do a little text clean-up. To think I left a typo for so long...

Updates Archive: 2010. Actually 2010 through February 2011.

Updates Archive: 2005. A much shorter section than 2002-2003. I was already disappearing, and then apparently finished the job. 5 years later I somehow re-manifested from whatever dimension I'd floated off to.

Updates Archive: 2002-2003. I was not previously announcing updates.

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