Yugi-tachi Genga

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Mutou Yugi is, primarily, a largely hopeless little wimp who needs to have his battles fought by the spirit who possesses him (from the moment he completed the Sennen Puzzle onward). Except he's not actually hopeless, because a lot of the point in the story will be him learning how to stand up for himself.

He used to spend most of his time getting beaten up, but he eventually developed a steadily growing herd of friends. Any of them I have solo cels of (some are already in Groups) will share this page with him until it becomes too crowded.

Though he looks, and often acts, about 10 years old (or less, often), Yugi is 16 like most of the human characters. He's quite a sweet little cutie though, and I can't help but feel fond of him. My daughter, who is probably bigger than him despite being less than half his age, dumped Zelgadis for him. I think they'll make an adorable couple! (Pardon, I always seem to get charmed by short characters. Barring short old pervert men and such. The little guys have a way of standing out in anime.)

Up next: Er... no clue. I have some small image Yugi, Jounouchi, and Anzu that I'm in the process of pondering keeping.

Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A1/B3 & A2/B4
Extra: 4 yellow & white parts genga (face & mouth)
Comments: A highly cute smiley closeup of human Yugi. Not sure what's happening here, maybe Kaiba bothered to pause and say "good dog" to him? Oh... don't take that wrong.
Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: B2/C1
Extra: 3 yellow & white parts genga (face, mouth, and hair)
Comments: Jounouchi looks a little on the manic and even scary side here. Is he only suckering himself into thinking he's making the perfect play in a duel, or is it something more? He doesn't look quite possessed enough for this to be from one certain arc that springs to mind.

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