Yami Yugi Genga

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Yami Yugi... well... I like him, I just wish he would lose more often. Er, lose sometimes that is. Even though I do get a kick out of his cheating techniques!

He is, of course, the lead character who possesses the other lead character. His body is "a bit" on the bully magnet side, so it's up to this dark spirit possessing him to beat up, kill, and/or drive insane anyone who uses him as a punching bag. Not so much in this Yugioh series, though. *sniffle*

Egypt-wise, Yami Yugi represents the god Osiris and was a young Pharoah. His father, the previous Pharoah Akunamukanon, was the creator of the Sennen Items. But if I get much into this I'll wind up confusing video game history with the assorted several other histories in this story!

So, let's face it, I simply don't have much to say about Yami Yugi at the moment. I like watching him get squirmy at Kaiba's feet, and that's that.

There's a Kaiba and Yami Yugi sequence in the Kaiba & Yami Yugi sequence section. (Fancy that.) You can also see him in a split cel on the Groups page.

Up next: Some close-ups, and an intense hand-moving action sequence! ;)

Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A1/B1 & A1/B3
Size: 16.5" tall x 10.5" wide (both)
Extra: B1 mouth genga
Comments: A nice pan of Yami Yugi and his accoutrements (minus the bracelets). There's the collar, the chain, the Puzzle, and the belt buckle! But, drat, I still need the bracelets for the full Bondage Boy image. Or maybe I need Kaiba's arm straps wrapped around various parts of Yami Yugi for the full image? *shrug*
Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A1
Extra: A3 mouth/outline genga
Comments: And a very nice Yami Yugi close-up complete with clenched fist. I love the determination of the image, and the glare of course. If the shape of the scan seems weird it's because the image runs from the very top to very bottom of the sheet and required two scans despite being normal-sized.

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