"Others" Genga

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

Any characters without their own more specific sections will be lumped in here.

Up next: Additional Ishizu. Hopefully I'll get more characters soon. For that matter, hopefully I'll get good enough Ishizu genga to let her have her own section. She's so purdy!

Episode #: ? (Battle Ship)
Stats: A1/B1, one yellow & one white
Extra: yellow B3 parts genga (face is B1-B3)
Comments: The beginning of an Ishizu sequence that unfortunately consists mostly of her headless body after she gets up. I'll scan A2 shortly, because her head is in it, but after that I'm not sure how much I'll bother with. Well, maybe I'll add one headless genga just because I like her body and you can't really see it well in A1 and A2. ;)

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