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There are so many Duel Monsters I like for many many different reasons. Some of them I wind up liking because I play the card game, others I like from video games. Yet others, like Injection Angel Lily, I've had a giggling appreciation for since the first time I saw a picture of them.

In the actual Duel Monsters series, I think Kuriboh has the most personality. Such a cute little rabid furball! After its fierceness of Duelist Kingdom, I enjoyed seeing it finally start breaking sweats in Battle City (the first time I remember being when it encountered Obelisk in the initial "not-quite-a-tag-team-match" conquest of Kaiba against two Ghouls blocking Yami Yugi's path). But I don't yet have any Kuriboh genga, so I'll move hastily along.

Because I'm a Bakura fetishist, and because I had such a strong "What the fu..." reaction the first time I saw and heard the chattering baby doll, I also like Dark Necrophia quite a bit. Such an interesting character design!

Is this turning into a wishlist? Maybe I'll just say some of the DM names that most impressed me were "Greater Demon Death Satan" (wimpy card, but you do get to hear Kaiba gasp "Death Satan!" late in season 1) and "Ankoku Mazoku Gilfer Demon" (not a bad card, Yami Yugi used it, albeit a bit illegally, in the actual tag team match against Yami no Kamen and Hikari no Kamen). Such an impressively powerful name! Hrm. Now I've switched from writing a wishlist to declaring myself a Satanist. No, no, not me, I'm a Cnidarian! There's no room for Satan in my Jellyfish-worshipping life!

And then there's the Kami cards: Ra, Osiris, and Obelisk. They're almost standard horror trope, but they're fun anyway. While Ra is overall the most interesting of them, I'm deeply charmed by Obelisk. I think it was because of the Battle Ship intro, which I fondly refer to as the "Disco Obelisk" intro. Though some silly people have claimed it's actually lumbering, I know Obelisk is dancing in the opening and we can't help but groove along with it every time we see it. I want to buy a Disco Obelisk action figure and somehow rig it up to dance all day on top of the TV (where, btw, I keep my Chaos Magician action figure in a bondage situation with St. Francis of Assisi).

Up next: Nada! I'll get more genga eventually, and this'll be one of the sections that I'll most want to expound upon (hence bothering to segregate it in the first place).

Episode #: Battle Ship
Stats: A1
Comments: My first Kami card genga! Yay! And it's even of Ra! There's a teensy tiny Yami Marik standing on Ra's head, but he was tiny enough that I decided not to count this as a group. I might move it that way if I ever come up with a solo Ra. I think this is from the Jounouchi or Yami Yugi fights late in Battle Ship, but I'll need to check (which, as we all know, takes me years to get around to).
Episode #: ?
Stats: A2
Comments: La Jinn, one of Kaiba's primary duel monsters. My favourite level 4 demon! (Like I'm not clearly addicted to demons in general, even Kuriboh is one.) I love the general pose, and the arms. This genga's two sequence mates can be found in Evilminion's and Saiyanwolf's galleries.

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