Kaiba Seto Genga

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

As noted on the index, Kaiba was my favourite character until Bakura bumped him down to the #2 spot. It was amusing in the beginning. I saw a tiny little bit of Kaiba, and my interest was perked. After a tiny bit more, I could eaily nail what type of character he was and predict a lot of how he would act. Then I found out he was a Midorikawa Hikaru character in the first series (not this one) and had a good laugh. One of those "aa, soka", or at least "sheesh, figures", moments. Until it turned into another familiar scenario for me, one ala Xellos bumping Zelgadis as my favourite Slayers character.

Kaiba's rich, a genius, head of Kaiba Corp., pretty much the owner of Domino City, and the type of person who no doubt causes his entire staff to take large amounts of Valium every day. He's a complete social darwinist and it wasn't in the least bit surprising to see him reading Nietzsche in DM episode #1. He is also Seme Incarnate, through and through. It's no wonder that he's the #1 Yugioh doujinshi character. The ground beneath him squirms and tries to serve him, along with pretty much anyone and anything else. *picks grovelling self up off the grovelling ground and proceeds*

One of the only things as notable as Kaiba's Pure Dominant Spirit are his coat-tails. I love watching them, the ways they billow so dramatically in numerous ways. How did he rig those things?

Ok, something equally notable is how, though he's stand-offish with anyone else, Kaiba is so devoted to his little brother Mokuba. Mokuba is part adorable, and part Kaiba-sama-fuhrer's Little Himmler in Training. Kaiba's certainly been mean to him from time to time and he acts like Mokuba's his property, but he cares enough to be willing to kill himself for him.

Egypt-wise, Kaiba represents the god Set (one of my favourites!) and was a mage (or high priest). The outfit was great, though I don't as much like the way they've presented it in Duel Monsters so far. I want the tight body suit instead of the bare nipple-less chest! I won't comment on Sennen Items in case it's still Spoiler territory.

There's a Kaiba and Yami Yugi sequence in the Kaiba & Yami Yugi section.

Up next: Kaiba reaching, Kaiba following into a hole with dramatic coat-tails in action.

Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A1/B3 & A2/B4
Size: 10.15" wide x 13" tall (white), 10.65" wide x 13" tall (yellow)
Extra: B1 mouth genga
Comments: A very nice Kaiba pan, methinks. But, garsh, when in the second and third seasons does he ever look this smug and pretentious? ;) He looks pretty cute with pink hair, though I never previously imagined myself saying such a thing.
Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A1/C1 & A1/C3
Comments: Kaiba reaching for...? I wanted him looking uncertain for a change of pace. There'll be plenty of arrogant Kaiba!

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