Kaiba & Yami Yugi Sequence Genga

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

For now I'll group Kaiba and Yami Yugi sequences here, but with the full expectation of needing further break-downs later (always having break-downs, so goes my life).

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Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A1/B1, one yellow & one white
Comments: The beginning of this charming (well, we can guess what I'm charmed by) sequence of Kaiba coming up alongside Yami Yugi. This might be late Battle Ship, I'm pretty sure Kaiba stands to the other side of Yami Yugi in both Battle City double bouts. I need to sit down and do yet another bunch of rewatching. I'm glad these yellow genga almost give me the green-haired and gold-eyed Kaiba of the first series... albeit with a little extra colouring and the extra YDM attributes (I meant those billowing coattails I so adore!).
Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A2, one yellow & one white
Extra: yellow parts genga (some eyes and collar)
Comments: Yami Yugi goes stagnant for these next two frames, so we only have Kaiba. I'm assuming the former was too mesmerized by the approaching crotch of the latter to do anything.
Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A3, one yellow & one white
Comments: Just Kaiba again. What I like about this one is that it is the necessary component for seeing how he is walking with his arms and hands. Moving one forward and backward per a leg doing the same. Add that to the absurdly arched back he always has... Well, he's definitely stuck in automated strut mode. This white genga has the best duel disc detailing, barring maybe Yami Yugi's disc.
Episode #: ? (Battle City or Battle Ship)
Stats: A4/B2, one yellow & one white
Extra: yellow sequence notes genga
Comments: My definite favourite of the batch! Kaiba's now fully in our faces, and Yami Yugi is kinda back to life. Hard to say much without spraying saliva all over my monitor in the process, sorry. Though I am glad the Sennen Puzzle shows in the two white genga with Yami Yugi in them, since it was missing from the yellow ones.

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