Groups Genga

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters

For now this is ambiguously the section for any genga that are of groups and aren't of cohesive sequences.

Up next: A Honda, Jounouchi, and Anzu group unless I decide to sequence it.

Episode #: 34: The Battle of Friendship! Yugi Vs Jounouchi
Stats: A1, one white & one pink
Comments: (Spoilers, if you haven't finished Duelist Kingdom.) Jounouchi and Yami Yugi are facing each other down in the middle, while Pegasus gawks to the left and Anzu, Bakura, & Honda gawk to the right. This is late in the Duelist Kingdom semi-finals, just as Yami Yugi's Black Magician jumps out of the Magical Silk Hat. It destroys Jounouchi's Black Demon's Dragon, with the help of an attack power reduction through the archaic rules of Hexagram Curse (now it prevents the monster from attacking rather than reducing its attack). Poor poor Bakura looks like he's on the verge of tears. I can almost see his thoughts: "It's ending, and they didn't even kill each other?! I got so turned on for nothing?! Fine! I'll just go on my own killing spree!". I scanned the pink one because he doesn't look quite as miserable in it.
Episode #: 90: Mai Vs Marik, Yami no Duel
Stats: A2 & A1/B1
Extra: 5 yellow & white parts genga (face parts, body parts, and a Honda head)
Comments: Actually I should check that title... and simultaneously make sure I remembered correctly when this genga is from. I'm pretty sure it's right when Yami Marik turns his duel with Mai into yami no game. As the black "fog" spreads above everyone to engulf them, Otogi and Honda are looking up at it.
Episode #: ?
Stats: A4
Extra: Lots...
Comments: Honda, Jounouchi, and Anzu comically flipping out about something. There are several other genga with this one, but I'm still determining how many to scan and how many to blow off as extras.

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