Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters Genga
TV Tokyo

The Details: As Yugioh Duel Monsters is CG, this will be a genga only section. We can hope (or not) that there'll eventually be a Yugioh (first series) cel section next to it.

When my beloved Flame of Recca manga ended I was cursed with needing a new favourite ongoing saga to fill the void. Fortunately, Yugioh leapt quickly into its place and I stopped bawling my eyes out. For the most part, I guess I do still bawl on occasion. It's simply not quite as desperate of a bawl.

Kaiba was my original favourite character, but he wound up bumped into second place by the delightfully evil Bakura. This doesn't mean I don't still adore Kaiba, not at all. The little sub in me still wants to grovel at his feet in a dog suit whenever I see him, and the big pervert in me still notes that amazing crotch he's got whenever I see him. And the ego! He's likely the only character with an ego that could seriously challenge Bakura's.

Bakura... Well. I try not to get started saying too much about him, because once I'm on a roll I just don't shut up. Can someone please give me genga of him? ;)

Ishizu is my favourite woman in the series, closely followed by Mai. Other favourites of whatever gender (cards included) are Shadi, both Marik, the Kami cards, Chaos Magician (it's the bondage outfit), Kaiba's dragons, Kuriboh, Mokuba (yes, putting Mokuba right after Kuriboh made a strange sort of sense), and probably lots of others. ;) I like everyone in the show. I loathe Yami Marik, but I like him as well (obviously, since he's a favourite). I adore Maha Vailo and Injection Angel Lily, but they've both only had very small roles so far.

Index Notes: Not all sequences will go under the Sequences header yet. Small sequences of one character only will still go in that character's section until it becomes too bloated. Any scanned non-group friends of Yugi can be found under Yugi-tachi.



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