Yu Yu Hakusho = Poltergeist Report
Studio Pierrot + Jump Comics + Original Story by Yoshihiro Togashi

The Details: It's apparent that I'm a fighting series junkie in general, but Yu Yu Hakusho is an old favourite and therefore high on my fondness list. And how could I not be fond of a saga that begins by killing off its lead character? It took a lot of time and frustration (not to even think of the money, *shudder*) to assemble a good YYH cel collection, but eventually I felt like I'd gotten there.

My favourite character is Hiei. My second favourite is Kurama... though, up until nearly halfway through the series, he was moreso in that position through virtue of being pretty much surgically grafted onto Hiei like a spare plant-controlling Jagan. I'm pretty happy with my Hiei collection (adding a baby Hiei would make me yet happier, but we'll see what century that happens in), and I know I'm fortunate to have a decent Youko selection. Which says nothing of the many other youkai cels I'm thrilled to have!

Index Notes: Currently Yuusuke and all of his human cronies will be found under "Yuusuke & 'Friends'". The Reikai denizens are grouped together (though Koenma and Botan will need their own sections whenever I get to it), and the Warlords of the Makai have a section with those who are often around them. Hopefully I will soon split out sections for the Ankoku Bujutsukai youkai. I finally have one episode specific page up: the Hiei Vs Mukuro fight from episode 109.

Fights and Episodes:

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