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This is a page for nice stand-alone scene moments. For the safety of everyone who hasn't seen the series (or all of it), and for the convenience of those who prefer keeping their nostalgic meanderings in proper order, all of the cels here are in chronological order.

SPOILER IMAGES! Obviously the first image is safe, because it's the genesis of the story. The 2nd image is probably also safe, because it is from episode 4 and I doubt only looking at it would give much away. Reading the text would be more spoilsome. After that you should proceed with more and more caution.

Episode #: 1: I'm Surprised That I'm Dead!
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A8 KEY END/B3 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, A8 (car), unstuck
Comments: Yuusuke's first BLARG!!! (Er, apologies for most people not knowing what I mean by that. Call it an ode to a cute YYH summary-fiction.) The very beginning of the story. Yuusuke, in an amazing act of selflessness, jumps into traffic to save a little boy. The boy is fine, but Yuusuke dies immediately. Of course it turns out that the boy would have been fine anyway, and the death was for nothing... almost nothing, anyway. Yuusuke wasn't supposed to die yet. "Not even the Buddha" had suspected that he would risk himself by saving the kid. Unscheduled deaths need to be accounted for, and so the tale begins. The two layers are a bit wrongly stuck, hence the kid being slightly suspended above the ground.

Episode #: 4: Hot Flames! The Bonds of Lovers
Stats: 2 layers, A6 KEY KEY/B16
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: SCENE SPOILER! After a serial arsonist easily turns Yuusuke's very very messy home into an inferno, Keiko braves the flames and rushes in to save him. She covers him in a blanket (he's that lump she's carrying) and tries to get him outside. Unfortunately the flames are too strong, and the roof is collapsing. Which leads to Yuusuke needing to make as self-sacrificing a choice as Keiko did when she entered the inferno. The flames and smoke are the A layer, Keiko and the Yuusuke lump are the B layer.

Episode #: 51: Confrontation of Destiny! Toguro's Shadow
Stats: 3 layers, stuck, C10/D6/E9 (all) KEY END
Sketches: none
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: SEMI-FINALS SPOILER! Karasu watches his semi-finals opponent (Midorenja from Gorenja Team) make a big show of summoning his green youki that automatically melts any youkai upon contact (this was demonstrated moments before at the expense of the lives of some audience members). Of course there is ample reason for Karasu looking so frightened out of his mind over the display (yes, that was sarcasm). This is a beauty of a cel, I was quite happy to get it despite only half of Karasu's face being featured. Most of the scene is only Karasu or Midorenja, and I think this is the only sequence where you can see both of them together without Karasu's back being turned to us.

Episode #: 66: Toguro's Atonement -- His #1 Wish
Stats: 3 layers, stuck, A1 or 7 KEY END/B27/C7
Sketches: none
Foreground: stuck
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Young Genkai and Toguro Otouto (not a flashback). The background came out grainy in the scan and the foreground doesn't seem to be properly located. SPOILER!!! While Genkai is still dead at the end of the Ankoku Bujutsukai, the now also dead Toguro comes across her on his way to his eternal (self-chosen) punishment. She'd suspected he would choose that route, and confronts him about over-punishing himself for what happened in the distant past. He walks past her, telling her not to over-concern herself with him because she still has work to do. The scene brings closure to Toguro, and it also brings closure for Genkai and for anyone (me me me!) who likes both characters. It's a very nice (and touching) scene...

Episode #: 69: Power of Taboo! Kurama's Mind
Stats: 1 layer, B15; 1 copy layer, A1 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, B15, unstuck
Comments: Botan and Kurama in the extra-dimensional house. Most of this image is on the B15 layer, there's only a little background colour and some of the flames immediately surrounding Botan on the laser copy layer. SPOILER! In Kaito's territory, it is taboo to say the word "atsui". Saying it will cause your soul to be sucked out of your body. After Kuwabara blew it by saying two words that unfortunately sounded like atsui together, Botan protested that he hadn't said atsui. Kuwabara's screw-up was definitely questionable, but Botan's was blatant. And so, in this cel, her soul goes byebye.
B15 Sketch

Episode #: 80: Hagiri's Targets! Shimon juji-han
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY
Sketches: none
Comments: LOTS OF SPOILERS!!!! Hiei stabbing Sniper! Ooh... I had mentioned this being a dream cel that I really needed, and then a few days later it appeared. Had I forgotten to knock on wood? Apparently so! I'm quite happy to have this one, though, albeit happily poorer than I was before. Sniper (Hagiri Kaname), who I personally believe suffered the misfortune of waking Hiei up from a nice little nap in a tree by committing such noisy acts as shooting a diesel truck at Yuusuke, decided to be straight-forward and use a gun. Well, use a gun to blow up that truck (it was transporting gasoline) and Yuusuke with it. Hiei snagged Yuusuke out of the explosion and hauled him along to face Sniper with him (not that Yuusuke was of any use at that moment). He quickly prevented more noise and shooting by doing a little fancy stabbing (the Doctor later admired the surgical precision of avoiding any vital points). Sniper wasn't quite ready to give up yet, so he once again raised his gun (he's raising it here). Not a good idea, since Hiei reacted by stabbing him some more. I adore Sniper, but this was a happy moment in Hiei fan history because he had been missing from the story for a while. And... isn't it just wonderful to have a great cel of 2 characters you adore? *cough* It was also the end of a terribly amusing fight.

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