Warlords & Associates Cels

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

Because I don't have enough cels of the Warlords of the Makai, I decided to lump them together with their main associates. Barring those associates who are also lead characters! The three Warlords of the Makai are Mukuro, Youmi, and Raizen. Mukuro is my favourite by a landslide, but I grew to respect Youmi during the Makai Reunification Tournament and I think Raizen seems like he must've been a fun guy (judging by those partying friends who love him so dearly... or at least loved brawling with him so dearly).

I finally split off the Hiei vs Mukuro section, so you can see Mukuro over there. As it is a fight section you should beware of SPOILER images and text. I'll eventually add some Mukuro that isn't from that fight to this page.

Now that this page is practically non-existent I need to scan SOMETHING for it! Maybe a Raizen or a Youmi or a Shura... Or a few more Shigure or something. ;)

Episode #: 108: Desperate Kurama! The Final Measure
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, C3/D2
Sketches: one partial (Shigure), unstuck
Comments: Shigure Vs. Kurama at the Makai Reunification Tournament. Shigure is waiting, prepared for more fighting, to see if Kurama re-emerges from a cloud of dust. Of course Kurama never seems to emerge from clouds of anything looking the same as he did before they enveloped him.

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