Shuuichi-Kurama Cels

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Seiyuu: Ogata Megumi

This is the section for the human side of Kurama. Human Kurama is the one I'm fondest of, despite his tendency of sometimes being too dopey. And despite his way of not being half as good-looking as his Youko side. (I don't care much for human Kurama's hair, his face is too round, and I just plain don't appreciate that school uniform of his. His other outfits are lovely, though. Apologies to anyone who thinks he's the most drop dead gorgeous bishounen, I simply prefer the Youko character design.)

My feelings about the Shuuichi-Kurama changed a lot. Initially I worried about him considerably, because he had such a knack for getting suckered and badly hurt as a result (see pan cel below). While I worried about him, I didn't think he was a particularly exceptional character. He was my second favourite in the series, but I'm never sure how much of my noting him was a result of his closeness to Hiei. During the second half of YYH I stopped worrying so much, and considered him a much better character. I'd always expected his scary side to more visibly emerge, because he is a kitsune, and so I found him much more enjoyable, yet less easy to care deeply about, once it did. This isn't to say I didn't immensely enjoy his moments of being a teasing jerk in the earlier episodes! (Though that was often him being adorable with Hiei.)

Upon combining the original sweet Kurama and his cold, ruthless, tendencies with the much colder and crueler later Kurama, then throwing the Youko on top, he did become an exceptional character with highly interesting multiple personalities. He seemed to be working on combining them all into one steadily exceptional personality and aspect late in the series, so I wish him luck.

You can see more (Shuuichi) Kurama under Group Moments.

Upcoming: Several more Kurama cels. ;)

Episode #: 68: Hidden Trap at the Fourth Dimensional House
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY
Sketches: layout sketch
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Kurama during the atsui taboo scene. This cel is from the very end of the episode, the last time Kurama speaks before the closing narration (Kaito does speak a tiny bit afterward). Kurama had been aggravated that Kaito couldn't confirm that defeating him at his word taboo game would restore Hiei's spirit. Here he's commenting again, perhaps a little redundantly, that speaking the taboo word will cause someone's spirit to be sucked out of them. I LOVED the way Kurama started looking so cold in this episode after the incident with Hiei.
Layout Sketch
Episode #: 38: Pitiful Kurama! Make-up of Death!
Stats: 1 layer, A5 KEY END
Size: pan cel, 13.5" tall x 10.75" wide
Sketches: one matching, unstuck
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Kurama, all cursed up during his fight with Touya of Mashou Tsukai Team during Urameshi Team's third round of the Ankoku Bujutsukai. Why he looks like this: Hiei and Fukumen were targetted as the strongest of the team, and trapped behind a kekkai. Kuwabara was too injured to fight. Kurama and Yuusuke were to tackle a 5 demon team without any help, in an elimination match. Kurama said he would defeat 3 of the demons, leaving Yuusuke with only 2 to worry about. This might have happened if his tendency for worrying about the enemy hadn't struck again. The first demon, Gama, painted and splashed curses all over him. Some prevented him from moving, though he's beyond that at this point. Another curse prevented him from using his youki, and he tried to counteract it by smearing his own blood across his chest. This moment is when he manages to stand up after being attacked by Touya, shortly after the smearing, and is panting heavily. The title of this episode is Kurama Muzan! Shi no Kesho!. Muzan can indicate pitiful OR merciless. I opted for the former since he is rather pitiful during much of the episode, and because he is typically called "zankoku" while in cruel mode.
Episode #: 89: Small Impression! When Everything Stops/ 90: Continuing to Fulfill a Friend's Wish
Stats: 1 layer, A8 KEY END
Sketches: none
Background: Unstuck, doesn't match
Comments: BIG SPOILER!!!!! Quick! Look away before I say this! When Yuusuke (are you looking away?) dies while fighting Sensui, the brilliant flash of Sensui's rei ki causes a row of yellow cels of everyone. First Kuwabara, then Kurama, Hiei, Mitarai, and Koenma. Here's Kurama's shocked yellow moment. I also have two yellow Koenma from right afterward. Next I need a yellow Hiei... but I'll admit that Sheri probably needs a yellow Mitarai more than I do. ;) (If there are two, I'll take one!) Kurama's hair is blowing from the aftershock, but it's amusing in that it looks like the horror of the moment is making it stand straight out in back.
Episode #: 38: Pitiful Kurama! Make-up of Death!
Stats: 1 layer, A9 KEY END
Sketches: one matching, unstuck
Comments: This cel happens slightly after the above pan cel. As Touya makes a final lunge at him with his ice sword, Kurama snarls in preparation. He's actually preparing to... Ah, I won't tell you.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A62
Sketches: one matching, stuck
Comments: Judging by the outfit, this happens either during the fight with Karasu at the Ankoku Bujutsukai or during the fight with Shigure at the Makai Reunification Tourament. I can find out pretty easily, by evaluating the blood stains.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A7
Sketches: one matching, unstuck
Comments: Kurama using his Rose Whip. Ditto the above timing, barring the comment about blood stains.
Episode #: 37: Dark Shinobi in Mashou Tsukai Team
Stats: 1 layer, A5
Sketches: one matching, stuck
Comments: When Mashou Tsukai Team first comes out, Kurama says with much agitation that they are infamous and strong demons nicknamed the messengers of the Makai. Here he turns to Yuusuke and says "Makai no Shinobi da" (Shinobi of the Makai), then goes on to explain a bit of their reputation.
Screen Cap

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