Koorime Cels

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

This section will be for Yukina (Hiei's sister), Hina (Hiei's mother), Rui (Hiei's chucker off the cliffer, or sympathiser) and any other Koorime I can find cels of. Though any of them other than Yukina will be monochrome flashback cels. Koorime are a female only society of ice demons from a floating city above the Makai. A city that a certain favourite character was rather cruelly dropped from because he was male and part fire demon. Some of their tale should be revealed here, if I can come up with cels to detail.

I had been keeping Yukina lumped with Hiei because it made me feel better about her welfare. A while back I was scanning another cel of her, and suffered the misfortune of noticing that the next one before me was of Toguro Otouto. Next I knew, the area was a mess as I scanned out of order to situate Yukina in between Saicho (Flame of Recca) and Koto. Then, just to be completely safe, I scanned Rinku and another Shigure. THEN I scanned Yanagi and Mikagami (Flame of Recca again), figuring Mikagami could be on top and protect the girls. All because I didn't want Hiei to kill me for sticking Toguro Otouto on top of his dear sweet sister. ;) (There might have been some level of trying to making a boring scanning session more amusing involved in my actions, but I'm not certain about that.)

Hopefully Yukina will be safe enough with the other Koorime now, at least if they consist of the ones who were sympathetic toward Hina's children rather than any of the others.

There IS a cel of someone other than Yukina waiting to be scanned for this section! Also coming up is one more Yukina scan that malfunctioned on the disk. Likely because it was on the same disk as Toguro Otouto. Oops.

Episode #: 100: Revealed, the Secret of the Jagan
Stats: 1 layer, B8
Sketches: 1 partial, unstuck
Comments: Rui! She only appears in the two episodes about Hiei's past, toward the end of the series (right before the Makai Reunification Tournament). Rui had the job of throwing Hiei off a cliff when he suffered the misfortune of being born into the Koorime community. She gave him a hiruiseki (tear gem) cried by his mother, requested that he survive so he could return to kill her and the rest of them for what they were doing to him, and then dropped him. Hiei remembered her as the one who sympathised with him as a result (sad, considering what she did, but in comparison to others she actually was extremely benevolent and supportive). This cel occurs when Hiei returned to the Koorime after having his Jagan implanted, and stood by his Mother's grave with Rui. Though Rui doesn't yet realise who he is, she's telling him about his imouto Yukina who disappeared seeking him. There is a rock cliff behind Rui, and snow is falling in front of her. About a split second later, it occurs to her who Hiei is.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, B10/? mouth layer is trimmed)
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Yukina, looking remarkably irate for her sweet-tempered self. Even so, she remains Hiei's adorable (and very pretty) imouto. Though I seem to be perfectly capable of IDing every Hiei moment, I can't recall when this happens. Urk. There'll be a similar note on the next Yukina cel, no doubt. She came with purple paper, and it looks nice so I left it as her fake background.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, B25
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: This Yukina close-up is about as in your face as can be. As with the above cel, I can't recall when it happens. Must... watch... Yukina moments...

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