Cel Wish List

When I have multiple entries for a character under a priority, I decided to lump it all together so you can easily skip over characters and series that mean nothing to you. There will be lots more to add here, but I'm hoping to clear out some of this already stupidly large list first. I'm planning to include more screen caps from specific moments "soon".

SPOILERS! Some of these wants are specific spoiler scenes. Be careful about clicking links if you haven't seen the series.

Flame of Recca screen caps courtesy of Bottou-chan.
Yu Yu Hakusho screen caps courtesy of Saiyan Wolf.

Series Contents: Yugioh, Flame of Recca, Yu Yu Hakusho, Slayers, Weiss Kreuz, Rurouni Kenshin, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, Lost Universe, Sotsugyo M, and Vampire Princess Miyu.

Highest Priority cels:

Yu-Gi-Oh/Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters
Just about any good cels with sequence numbers from Yugioh. Yugioh Duel Monsters genga-wise I finally have enough to prioritize. You can find more of these wants lower in my wishlist, but here's my most pressing wants. Bakura (#1!), Shadi, Yami Marik, Marik, Mai, Pegasus, Rishid, Pandora, Pantomimer, Noa, Chaos Magician, Kuriboh, the 3 Kami Cards (manifested), Dark Necrophia, Black Magician, Kaiba's dragons, Maha Vailo, and Injection Angel Lily. Any nice splits or scene-oriented genga.

Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
#1 on my Hiei list is a cel of baby Hiei. The little round curse-swaddled potato with two huge psychopathic eyes. If it's a finger-biting or evilly smirking baby Hiei, all the better. One showing all of baby Hiei would be nice as well. Failing baby Hiei, or even not failing baby Hiei, I would love to have toddler Hiei with his over-sized cloak and his sword that's twice as tall as he is. Or at least any ol' nice monochrome pre-Jagan flashback cel. I also want Hiei all tubed up in the regeneration tank, and laughing with the Youko-ish Kurama in the Makai (dreamin'...).

Mikagami & His Childhood (Flame of Recca)
I would LOVE to have an impaled melting Jello Mikagami from his fight with Kai (Example 1 & Example 2), and of him raising the blood Ensui during the same fight. I want a good pretentious, snooty, SD Mikagami from the How to Stop a Fan scene. I would take any cel from this scene -- including Recca sticking his finger in the fan or waving his bleeding finger while in pain, but any non Mikagami cels from it belong in the Badly Want list rather than this one. And last but not at all least, I would love ANY flashback cels. Cels of young Tokiya, particularly if he's either screaming, near his sister, and/ or holding Ensui for the first time. Mifuyu stabbed, on the stretcher, dead, or simply being Mifuyu would be great. And, for the sake of completion, Mikagami's image of the killers.

Xellos (Slayers)
Now that I have Xellos in drag (which is still below, one priority down now), I most want Xellos in the pink apron with a chicken on it from the Artemay Tower episode. The best moment would be when he's posing with the Madragora soup. I would also love a cel of him from near the end of Slayers Try, when he and Filia combine powers. For a moment his face is stretched and quite frightening. He also looks close to this for a split second during his fight with Valgaav, which would suffice.

Kurei (Flame of Recca)
Any nice Kurei cel(s) will make me happy. It's frustrating to never be able to find any. Chibi Kurei would be perfect, but probably too much of a dream. Kurei with mask or without mask is fine.

Flame of Recca OP/End cels
Cels from the opening or closing credits, particularly if they show Mikagami, Kage, or Kurei. I most desperately in a deeply homicidal fashion want the Mikagami aerobics suit pan cel (part of which was the above example).

Badly Want:

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters
A very good Ishizu Ishtar, any of Bakura's cards manifested, Kajiki Ryouta, Ghost-tachi, all of the Toons.

Hiei & company (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Any good cels of Hiei with Kurama, Yukina, or Mukuro. Any striking part of the Kokuryuha sequences, whether of Hiei summoning the power or of the Kokuryuha itself. I would give a lot for the plain and simple profile shot of Bui and Hiei facing each other down right before their fight, as well, where Hiei looks about 3 times shorter than Bui. Other good size shots of Hiei would be nice as well (I am thoroughly charmed by his height). Also a cel of him stabbing Makintaro through the head and/or holding his severed arm. One of the near SD blue cels of Hiei while he's using the Kokuryuha against Bui. Any good cel of Hiei that is unlike my other cels of Hiei.

Mikagami & company (Flame of Recca)
I would love a cel of the Tsurara Hebi/Icicle Snake during Mikagami's fight with Kai. And of the Mizu no Hebi colliding with Kai's (spoiler bleep). I would like lots and lots of cels from that fight, actually. I also badly want the moment during Mikagami & Recca Vs. Neon & Miki when Miki is flying at Mikagami, threatening to kiss him, and the poor guy looks like he wants to jump backward out of his skin. It must be both characters, near each other. Mikagami using any ice attacks. I want him in any of the outfits I don't yet have him in (Me? Greedy?): white suit, blue button-up shirt, green button-up shirt, etc. There are numerous cels from episodes 3 & 4 that I would love to have: intense expressions, Mikagami with Yanagi in the mirror house, Mikagami with Mifuyu's picture, Mikagami hurting Recca, a simple cute cel of him in his school uniform, ETC!!! Ok, and a Martyred Yanagi from within Mikagami's twisted mind.

Xellos, again (Slayers)
Any good cel where Xellos has one or two eyes open. Though I already have Xellos in drag, I would love a cel that shows his dress. Particularly when he's doing his sexy poses, like showing a lot of leg and such. He does the best poses when Evia first attacks in town. I would also love any other different Xellos garb cels, eg Frog Xellos and Tennis Outfit Xellos.

Mikage Souji (Shoujo Kakumei Utena)
The remainder of my Mikage wish list (since I already have the cel I wanted most is): him in his Professor Nemuro times, with his purple-lensed glasses. Mikage with a black rose. Mikage with Mamiya, either as Mikage or as Professor Nemuro. Nemuro with either Mamiya or Tokiko outside the burning building.

Bunny Yue and Kitty Eriol (Card Captor Sakura)
A good cel each of Yue as the white rabbit and Eriol as the Cheshire Cat.

SD Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi omake)
Specifically, I want SD fuming oni Tamahome from the Bus Trip.

Saitou Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin)
A good cel of Saitou throttling Kenshin during their fight. Yes, I'm a sick person. I also want a cel of Saitou and the wolf, when he is fighting and the wolf head flashes behind him. Both Saitou and the wolf should be there, of course. Eventually I'll need a Smoking Saitou and a Gatotsu Saitou, but I'm not as desperate for those.

Yu Yu Hakusho OP/End cels
Cels from the opening or closing credits, particularly if they show Hiei, Kurama, or other youkai.

Itsuki & Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho)
I know I'm dreaming, but I would love a cel of Itsuki holding Sensui's body either in the Makai or in his space afterward. Failing that, I'll take a cel of Itsuki and Sensui together in any pose.

Karasu & the Kyuuketsuki plant (Yu Yu Hakusho)
When Kurama's kyuuketsuki plant gets its tendrils into Karasu's chest and starts sucking.

Kurama & the Youko (Yu Yu Hakusho)
The Youko with any of his strange Makai plants. Also, a Youko with plant butterfly wings. The super-bloody pan cel of Kurama when he's been pretty thoroughly bombed by Karasu.

Seiya and Usagi (Sailor Moon)
I mostly want the cel when they are at the amusement park, hugging each other and screaming hysterically (with their hair standing up) about the guy in the booth. (ep 181) I also want the sad, sad, moment when Usagi and Seiya are kneeling down on the ground (ep 194) and Seiya has his hands on her shoulders, asking why he's not good enough. *sniffle*

Oz Trowa (Gundam Wing)
Trowa Barton in uniform, during his stint with Lady Une.

Houshin Engi cels
I would love just about any, since they're rare and difficult to find. First pick, as if I could pick, would be Shinkouhyo (either a close-up, or riding on Kokutenko). Second pick would be... hrm... Taikoubo, Supu (Subu), Nataku, Youzen, Kou Hiko, Bunchu, or Dakki would all be the easiest and welcome. I guess. ;)

Arai Tougo (Sotsugyo M)
Any nice-looking cel will work for me.

Karasu (Yu Yu Hakusho)
A very nice cel of Karasu. Isn't that simple?

Sniper (Yu Yu Hakusho)
I would like a close-up cel of him, because I'm a purple eyes junkie.

Kuronue (Yu Yu Hakusho movie)
Any good cel of Kuronue. Even with the Youko, but that's not necessary. Failing Kuronue, since that'll most likely happen, I would love to have good cels of any of the movie demons.

Rui & Nadare (Flame of Recca)
I would love Rui & Nadare in human form. I've never seen such cels. They would be cels of both characters individually, I only lumped them together because they're both FoR ryu at the same point on my wish list. I would also like ANY of the ryu in human form. Resshin might be easiest. ;) I won't name who would be second easiest, since you don't know who he is initially.

Kage/Kagero & Reina (Flame of Recca)
Kage Houshi going into or coming out of shadows. Kagero and Reina (they don't need to be together) during their Hokage life 400 years prior to the story. Kagero with Ouka would be wonderful (Ouka alone or with anyone would be wonderful, for that matter). Reina with young Kurei would be perfect, but alone is fine as well. Kage stabbing herself in the chest after the Recca Vs Fuuko fight.

Headless Reiha (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Reiha, with her head in her hands instead of attached to her neck.

Chicken Parents (Vampire Princess Miyu)
The parents of a certain character, who can be in the cel as well, with chicken heads.

Raiha (Flame of Recca)
Raiha used to be up there with Kurei, but I got a few cels of him. I would still like more. And more and more and more... Something that shows his entire outfit would be nice.


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters
Nice genga of any characters I don't yet have, whether human(ish) or duel monsters.

Fuujin-chan (Flame of Recca)
A Fuujin critter to add to my cute furry critter collection.

Youkai (Yu Yu Hakusho)
A nice cel (each) of pretty much any of the youkai I don't have cels of yet. Examples include Byakko, Genbu, Kuromomotaro (I have parts of him), Makintaro, The Beautiful Martial Artist Suzuki-kun, Bui (but he's actually higher priority), etc.

Rail Claymore (Lost Universe)
Cute or deranged or sweaty cels of Rail. Just a very nice one of any sort would be wonderful.

Schuldich with gun (Weiss Kreuz)
*shrug* I don't have one yet. I would prefer him to look cheerfully deranged while he's aiming his gun.

Tot (Weiss Kreuz)
I almost got a cel of her, but missed out. So now I know I want one.

Seiya and Usagi (Sailor Moon)
Other cute cels of the couple together. No Mamoru, please.

Milliard/Zechs mask-free (Gundam Wing)
Er, I believe that sums it up. A good cel where his face shows clearly.

Circus Trowa (Gundam Wing)
And Trowa in his circus clown costume.

Shinma (Vampire Princess Miyu)
Nice cels of any of the Shinma in their true forms. That would be Shinma other than Miyu, Larva, Shiina, and Reiha.

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