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Series: Weiss Kreuz

Here, for now, we will find mixed group cels, any Schreient cels I wind up with, and anything else that doesn't yet have a proper category. Eventually it will probably only be the mixed groups section, but I need to develop a collection for that to happen. There's definitely more to come for this section.

Episode #: Mission 3: Paradies / Paradise is Hell
Stats: 2 layers, A1 KEY/B3 (Maki's mouth)
Sketches: 1 matching (A1 KEY), unstuck
Comments: After Maki and and Yohji finish introducing themselves as the captured girl and the doroubo (Yohji's assumed to be a burglar), he declares that he's leaving. She grabs him, saying she wants to get out of there (this exact moment). A second later she looks more manipulative than desperately grabby, and points out that she could scream (to draw attention to him). Why do I have cels of Maki when she's a one shot character who only serves to dredge up Yohji's past? It's simply because I think her character design is very pretty. I love the green hair and purple eyes! Actually, I always seem to love green hair and purple eyes whether they come together or separately. I suppose it's no wonder that Maki's design leapt out at me, then. And, hey, she's remarkably likable for a one-shot girl in lingerie! (Perhaps it would be more apt to say "She has remarkable depth for...".)
Episode #: Mission 3: Paradies / Paradise is Hell
Stats: 1 layers, B6
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: (Late episode SPOILER.) Much later in the episode, after they've escaped, Yohji collapses from having been shot (though he ran for a while afterward) and Maki watches over him. He has a flashback about Asuka's death and, here, tries to sit up while calling her name. Maki, of course, is worried about him and reaches out to him as he struggles to get up. She's trying to stop him so he won't hurt himself more. After having come off as a bit of a bimbo at the start, she surpasses that stereotype and tries very hard to save Yohji.
Episode #: Mission 11: Abkunft. Separating from the Spell.
Stats: 1 layer, A7 KEY
Sketches: none
Comments: Ah, it's the exact "I'm going to borrow him" moment that so enraptured me with Schuldig. So naturally I have a couple of cels from this scene (the other still needs to be scanned). Omi looks more like a doll than an unconscious human, but Schuldig is still a cutie. (Or, as always, "HE'S SOOOO"... Never mind.)

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