Weiss Kreuz
Created by Project Weiss

The Details: Weiss Kreuz is a sweet and peaceful series (as evidenced by Aya to the left) about two groups of fun-loving boys: Weiss (White) and Schwarz (Black). Weiss sell flowers, and Schwarz talk about nice things like the honey taste of thoughts. It's all very wholesome.

Naw, don't worry, I'm kidding and the group names are probably expected to sucker you into thinking the series is a lot more blandly black and white than it actually is.

Though I would like to collect this series more, I don't yet have enough cels from it to warrant breaking the sections down further than Weiss, Schwarz, and Miscellany (which will currently include characters who aren't Weiss or Schwarz, as well as mixed groups ala both Weiss and Schwarz).

I'm a Schwarz fan in general, and my favourite character is Schuldig (or Schuldich. The correct spelling of the German "guilty" is schuldig, but schuldich is phoenetic and commonly used for his name) whom I lovingly refer to as Sex Bunny-sama. I fell for Schuldig when he interrupted Omi's touching first kiss moment by punching him in the gut hard enough to knock him out, then flung him over his shoulder, leapt on the rail, and politely told the girl (Ouka) "I'm going to borrow him". Ooh, my screams of "He's so cute!!!" probably shattered many an ear drum in the neighborhood!

A black sense of humour can be helpful in viewing this series, but I could say the same about anything I watch.

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