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Series: Tenchi Muyo

I figured I would open this section with a bad girl instead of one of the other regular characters. I would have liked to start it with Nagi, but I don't have a cel of her yet. And in a way it's difficult to think of her as a bad girl anyway.

And now I'm finally continuing the section with Ayeka, the other major contender for Tenchi who is going to get her butt whooped by Ryoko. In my mind anyway. *shrug* ;)

Episode #: (Shin Tenchi Muyo?)
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: A very pretty Ayeka close-up. Since sketches are so phenomenally rare for any Tenchi cels, and the only other one I have listed on the site is stuck, I'm including this one's sketch.
Episode #: Shin Tenchi Muyo
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A6/C6 KEY END
Sketches: none
Comments: Yuugi in her armour, looking almost happy. Or at least gleeful. She managed to reign as a powerful villain for a goodly stretch of time, especially for Tenchi villains who in some cases (Dr. Clay springs to mind) aren't exactly formidable.

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