Tenchi Muyo
AIC + Created by Kajishima Masaki

The Details: Eh, what can I say? Washu is cute, (often) short, equipped with amazingly loud hair, a mad scientist, ancient, evil, and mysterious! Ryo-Ohki isn't bad either. Yes, I do mean the critter. Not the sexy green-haired woman with a somewhat similar name. Though Ryoko is adorable as well, and is my second favourite character. She is the one I can sympathise with and root for, whereas Washu is the one I can have immense amounts of fun with. Oh, Ryoko is fun too. Just not quite that fun!

Also on the cute front are the aforementioned Ryo-Ohki and her chronic companion (though she sometimes belongs with Ryoko) Sasami. I'm a sucker for a cute Meow, and I wouldn't mind having a ship that looks and acts like Ryo-chan. Though I would need to pity every stocker of carrots in the neighborhood.

I like all of the Tenchi characters, really. Or at least I can't presently think of anyone I didn't enjoy in some strange sordid or perverse fashion. I even like Tenchi! Maybe I mostly like to dislike Ayeka.

My favourite version of this saga is definitely the OAVs. I watched the original OAVs before any of the other series and the character versions in the others always seemed to fall a little bleh in comparison (especially in the Washu mythos department). My 2nd favourite is the Tenchi Universe saga. I thought Tenchi GX was horrifically boring, which is sad because it was based on the OAV universe.

The groupings should be... pretty obvious. Groups, even groups including Washu, will be under Miscellany. Everyone who doesn't have their own category is under Whoever Else.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I haven't seen Pretty Sammy, so I wouldn't neccessarily notice if I accidentally stuck a cel from it in here without noting the deviancy. If you see any mislabellings, please inform me and I will rectify them.

I'm probably too mesmerised by Washu's hair to notice much of anything else, anyway.

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