Multiple (Uh Oh) Characters Cels

Series: Slayers

I'm sure that eventually the group cels of the regular characters will move off on their own, but for now here's a section for any group cels.

Information coming soon, along with many more cels.

Episode #: Next 10: On a Journey With a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power!
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A5/C3 (both) KEY
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck, + a layout sketch
Background: Unstuck, matching
Comments: Xellos and a rather starry-eyed Martina. The ever-fickle Martina fell for Xellos (after giving up on Zelgadis, then Gourry) when he saved her, and probably got her heart broken worse by him than by anyone else. The two of them journeyed with Lina to see the Magic Doctor so she could regain her sealed powers during the (current) Seiruun disturbance. As the Magic Doctor prepared a tonic, Martina slipped in a little poison. It didn't quite have the desired effect: instead of merely killing Lina, it blew up that Magic Doctor's house. Xellos saved everyone with a shield, and Martina (here) managed a very brief starry-eyed "Xellos-sama!" over it before getting squashed under the cauldron she'd dumped the poison in.
Episode #: Next 17: They're Talking About A Girl Named Zelgadis?!
Stats: 3 layers, unstuck, A1/B5/C4 (all) KEY END
Sketches: 3 matching unstuck, + genga
Background: Unstuck, matching
Comments: Gourry and Lina in the town of amazon women. At least Gourry makes a convincing girl even if Lina doesn't, right? I believe this is the full master key set, but I'll check the scene eventually to be sure.
Episode #: 12: Lovely! Amelia's Magic Training!
Stats: 4 layers, stuck, B1 KEY END/C2/C4/D3 KEY END
Size: Haven't measured yet.
Sketches: 3 layout sketches
Background: Unstuck, matching
Comments: Gourry and Lina versus numerous ghosts. It seemed like a terrible idea to teach Amelia the Dragon Slave. Fortunately Lina knew it would be a terrible idea and reacted accordingly (ie dangled the potential knowledge over her head as a way to turn her into a handy slave). Unfortunately she didn't seem to be eyeing Prince Phil as suspiciously as she should have when he asked her to use Dragon Slave to destroy a mountain that old people needed to climb (the injustice of it!). Fortunately #2, Amelia didn't realize her father had given her an opportunity and failed to register how the spell is cast. And... Unfortunately #2, the mountain proved to include a barrier confining numerous ghosts who invaded the town upon being released. With the 4 layers and background, my scanner hated this cel. Sorry the scan looks so terrible. I also lost a little bit of it, due to one of the cels (the ghosts) and the background being over-sized.
Episode #: Try:
Stats: 6 layers, stuck, A1/B3/C2/D6/E3/F4 (all) KEY END
Sketches: none
Comments: Amelia, Gourry, and Jiras riding on (SPOILER) Filia in her dragon form. Jiras is a cutie (in a cute animal sort of way). Hopefully Amelia isn't inflicting TOO much justice on him here. I'm not 100% certain that the F layer says 4, it could also say 1. I think it's 4... The scan has touches of spottiness, mostly because it's difficult to scan through 6 layers.
Episode #: Try:
Stats: 1 layer, A7
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Filia, Zelgadis, and Xellos. It's probably rare to see Xellos and Filia together in the same cel without seeing them antogonising each other!
Episode #: ?
Stats: 2 layers, A3/B1 (both) KEY
Sketches: 2 matching, unstuck
Comments: I can't recall the moment, but Lina is clearly breaking something over poor Gourry's head (as usual). Gourry and the broken bits are the A layer and Lina is the B layer. Both sketches have extensive notes written in red pen. A somewhat interesting little note, Gourry's name is spelled Gauri on his sketch. Lina, of course, is spelled Rina.

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