Gaav and Valgarv Cels

Series: Slayers

SPOILERS! Be wary of TEXT on this page.

Here will lie both Gaav and Valgarv. Both of them (and don't kick me for saying this) are two of the most righteous characters to have appeared in the Slayers.

Maryu Gaav's Mazoku tendencies were toned down when he became semi-human and he rebelled, but with Xellos being such a force in the story he came off as a villain anyway. What would Gaav have done if left undisturbed? Cause problems for chaos? Ooh, how naughty!

Valgarv seems to be the villain of season 3, until it becomes apparent that there really aren't any villains (maybe you could call Dark Star the villain, but what does it ever do beyond howling at the gate and eating one willing sacrifice who pretty much flung himself at it while yelling "Eat me!"?). Poor tragic Valgarv was the last of the powerful Ancient Dragons. After witnessing the genocide of the rest of them as a child, and being injured, he was saved by Gaav... or killed by him, and rebirthed into part Ancient Dragon and part Mazoku with a goodly chunk of Gaav's power. He not only has the genocide of his original race to be irked about, he's also irritable about Gaav's mistreatment. Can anyone blame him for not thinking the most peaceful thoughts about life and the wars between gods and demons?

Up next: More... Valgarv and Gaav. ;) Mostly Val, since he's more frequent and therefore easier.

Episode #: Next 21: The Thousand Year Old Truth! The Traitorous Demon Dragon King!
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A2/D1 (both) KEY END
Sketches: 2 matching + 2 genga + layout sketch
Comments: Maryu (demon dragon) Gaav. SPOILER! He surprises Lina, Martina, Milgasia, and Aqua obasan within the dimension where the (interactive) Claire Bible is kept. Aqua obasan deters the first attack. Gaav complains that it was a lot of trouble to find Lina, and declares that it's time to end it. He raises his hand and shoots something like a fireball (though no doubt a super-charged one, coming from him) at them. Milgasia deflects it. This cel came with 5 sketches, and I am gratuitously including scans of most of them. One of the genga is the same, one is similar but not identical. He has a different expression in the layout sketch (but it's still of the same sequence). And the A layer sketch simply looks interesting in its partialness.
Matching Genga
Other Genga
Layout Sketch
A1 Sketch
Episode #: Try:
Stats: 2 layers, unstuck, A3 KEY END/B2 (mouth)
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck (face isn't detailed)
Background: Non-matching, unstuck
Comments: My first Valgarv, my first pan cel. I had to find one of the numerous crotch jut pan cels nearly every series uses before I would buy one. ;) I think this might be from Val's first fight with the gang, but my daughter owns the TV and I need her permission to check. Even if it isn't from that moment, he looks so cutely happy about being on the verge of killing. Awwww...
Episode #: Try:
Stats: 2 layers, A6 KEY END/B1 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching (A6 KEY END), unstuck
Comments: Valgarv with a dragon arm. Too bad it shows so little of it... I hope to be rewatching Slayers fairly soon, and then I can also hope to remember to note episodes for easy to spot cels like this one. B1 is a mouth layer, so the sketch has everything but the mouth.
Episode #: Try:
Stats: 1 layer, B7
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Valgarv again! He's always lovely, and I think this cel is lovely as a result. Love the expression! I'm not in the least bit certain when this one happens.

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