Sasaki Nozomu Character Cels

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho, Card Captor Sakura, and Weiss Kreuz.

This section isn't likely to progress very quickly. Further characters-wise, I wouldn't at all mind having a Ruka but I would be hard-pressed to afford one. If Yugioh Duel Monsters wasn't CG, I would very very very cheerfully add some Shadi to the line-up. Ah well. *sniffle* I looooove the way he sounds as Shadi...

For now I'm putting all of my SN character cels on this page, but it will eventually split up a little. I may not be able to afford much more Eriol and Nagi, but Yuusuke at least will have his own section when I've scanned more. The others can share a section, I suppose. Even if it does appear that Nagi is looking down on Yuusuke a bit here.

Episode #: ?
Stats: 3 layers, some are stuck, A2 KEY/B2/C1 KEY
Size: Big. ;) Will measure eventually.
Sketches: 1 matching (A2, burgundy only), unstuck
Comments: Eriol in Clow garb! Looking part kind, part creepy, and part enjoying the opium life... which is pretty much how he is. Maybe not the latter part, but I haven't seen any proof that it isn't the case. This is such a beautiful pan cel! Unfortunately the rich shaded burgundy backing turned out completely wrong in the scan. Um... look at that part from a distance. ;) Maybe I'll attempt a rescan at some point, though I suspect the scanner would choke on it yet again.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A5 KEY
Size: movie cel size
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Eriol again. The size is right for a movie cel, but I don't recall ever seeing him in his uniform in the movie. So it must be a TV cel. Anyone remember when it's from?
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A4
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: A very cute, sad-looking, Nagi close-up.
Episode #: checking #
Stats: 1 layer, A4 KEY END
Size: Horizontal pan. 13.5" wide x 9.25" tall
Sketches: none
Comments: Yuusuke, in the cave while struggling to receive his inheritance from Genkai-shihan. He's motionless on the ground, not surviving the moment well, and Pu-chan is battering itself in repeated attempts to bring water to him. Yuusuke is more and more touched and upset by the display, and starts crying a little. It's very sweet and sad. Poor little Pu! There is some more blank space to the right of this cel that I didn't scan, but it's not too much.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A7 KEY
Sketches: one matching, unstuck
Comments: A very yellow Yuusuke, getting very battered. I can't recall if this is Toguro Otouto or Sensui trying to run a fist through him, but I'll check "soon".

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