Miscellaneous Okiayu Ryoutarou Character Cels

Series: Sailor Moon (Tiger Eye)
Series: Weiss Kreuz (Brad Crawford)

These are the Okiayu Ryoutarou character cels that don't currently fall into their own convenient groupings. Some of them will eventually, though. *fades off muttering something indecipherable about missing Kurei sections*

Up next will be a few Matsura Yuu and Treize, plus a couple of Jinnai and a Koinosuke.

The Tiger Eye group cels will live here until it's more feasible to put them in their own solitary (group?) grouping.

Episode #: 141: A Love Storm! Minako's Big Two-Timing Project
Stats: 1 layer, A7
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Background: Stuck, doesn't match
Extra: Timing sheet.
Comments: Upon "realising" that Minako is two-timing with both of them (actually they'd been having a contest to see who could conquer her first), Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye repetitively chant at her to say which one of them she will chose.
Episode #: 149: The Dream Mirror! Amazon Last Stage
Stats: 1 layer, the cel was trimmed ={
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Aww, proof that Fish Eye's sensitivity is catching on. Fish Eye begs Zirconia to let them know if they can truly become human after finding Pegasus, worrying that even if they look human they still won't be human because they don't have beautiful dreams. Zirconia gets fed up with the questions and (magically, from a distance) throttles poor Fish Eye. Tiger Eye asks her to stop, and catches Fish Eye. While he is holding his hurt friend at the moment of this cel, Zirconia snaps "You replaceable servant! Don't be so cheeky!".
Episode #: 18: Schuld/Farfarello
Stats: 1 layer, A6 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: SPOILER. While Weiss are ganging up to prevent Farfarello from killing Ruth, Brad intervenes with Aya and Yohji (Farfarello is later punished for the trouble). Yohji attempts a sneak attack with wires while Brad is fighting Aya, but he simply steps back and boxes the wire away. Not a problem for someone who can foresee attacks.
Episode #: 18: Schuld/Farfarello
Stats: 1 layer, A11
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: From the same sequence as the above cel, just a tiny bit further along in the maneuver.

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