Tiger Eye Cels

Series: Sailor Moon
Seiyuu: Okiayu Ryoutarou

Tiger Eye (or Tiger's Eye) is one of my two favourites of The Amazon Trio, along with Fish Eye. Choosing between the two of them would be difficult. Tiger Eye is extremely funny, even though he's essentially a sick individual. He targets the young girls, sometimes very young girls, which makes him seem like a pedophile... but fortunately there is no sex involved or he wouldn't be likeable.

His "Uh one, uh two, uh three" has been stock vocabulary with my husband and I for years, and his high-pitched girlie shriek is phenomenal.

You can see more Tiger Eye under Amazon Trio (groups).

More coming: An extremely vain Tiger Eye, one with a parasol, and a gleeful to the point of sheerly silly pansiness cel.

Episode #: 131: Catch Pegasus! Trap of the Amazon Trio
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Background: Stuck, almost matches
Extra: Timing sheet. Came sealed with a Toei sticker.
Comments: My nicest Tiger Eye, I think. After Naru-chan mortifies Tiger Eye by picking ugly unsophisticated Umino over his own beautiful self, Hawk Eye asks if he would like to see his wild card. Fish Eye rebukes the opportunity, but as you can see Tiger Eye is looking rather intent on seeing it so he can restore his poor damaged ego. The colouring is too red in this scan, so I expect it's in line for a rejiggering or rescanning. The background appears to be from right after this, when Hawk Eye is showing off the wild card. All you should see behind Tiger Eye at this moment is blue and black.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A1 KEY END/B2
Sketches: 1 unstuck, A1, matching
Background: Unstuck, not sure if it matches
Comments: A quintessential Tiger Eye, looking cheerful and holding his whip. The A1 sketch includes everything but his mouth (which is on layer B2). With this expression and pose he's saying something haughty, most likely about pumpkins, but I'm not sure what.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 3 layers, A22/B1/C6 (all) KEY END
Sketches: 3 unstuck, matching
Extra: Timing sheet.
Comments: I'd needed a good dom-looking cel of Tiger Eye and this was my first one. Maybe it's been replaced by the above cel, but the expressions are different! Heh.

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