"Good" Senshi Cels

Series: Sailor Moon

Well. There will actually be some Inner and Outer Senshi in this section before long. The Starlights will move off to their own section. But I felt like scanning a little Seiya/ Sailor Star Fighter first, so that's who you get as the primary representative of Senshidom for now. It's either that or Sailor Iron Mouse! ;)

Up next: More Seiya! Heh. And Yaten. A very cute Yaten & Luna, for that matter. A nice couple shot of Haruka & Michiru. A fortune-telling Rei (from when she advises Usagi about her relationship with Seiya... er, well, I do have some not at all Seiya related Senshi cels!). And, okay, an R (movie) cel of Jupiter. No Sailor Earth, sorry, I'm not altogether fond of him.

Episode #: 197: Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle
Stats: 2 layers, stuck, A3/B3
Sketches: 1 unstuck, matching (A3)
Background: Unstuck, doesn't match
Comments: A nice group cel of the 3 Starlights plus Chibi Chibi and Eternal Sailor Moon. I would've loved to scan the A3 layer alone (it's everyone but Sailor Moon) since Usagi's butt is blocking the Chibi Chibi view. Unfortunately the layers are stuck, so I can't. I did scan the sketch, though, so you can at least see Chibi Chibi's expression. I cropped the sketch's blank space in the scan so the image could be bigger. The background in the cel scan doesn't match, but it does have the same colours as the real one. And now for the moment this is from... SPOILER! This is right after they (everyone in the cel) discover that Uranus and Neptune seem to have gone over to Galaxia's side, the two are about to begin their first attack against them (after killing Pluto and Saturn, that is). Sailor Moon's begging them to please stop, but of course they don't.
Episode #: 196: Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle
Stats: 2 layers, unstuck, A1 KEY/FX
Sketches: 1 unstuck, matching
Background: Stuck, doesn't match
Comments: A beautiful sweaty biffed Sailor Star Fighter close up. SPOILER!!! The Starlights are attacking Sailor Galaxia alone, hoping to avenge the death of their princess. Unfortunately it isn't going very well for them, their attacks rebounded fiercely and the others began losing heart. Here Fighter is struggling (amidst chokes and cringes) to optimistically tell them to hang in there because they still have a chance. The background is close to what it should be on a colour level: black and red with stars.
Episode #: 200: Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy
Stats: 1 layer, A16
Sketches: 1 partial, stuck
Comments: SPOILER! Seiya, near the end of the very last episode. After saying goodbye to Usagi, and stumping her because she's a touch clueless about someone being in love with her, he and the other Starlights leave with their fire princess. Seiya turns first and, here, says "Mamoru-san", then offers a veiled threat that he should take care of Usagi. No, NO, just kill the dork and run off with her yourself! It's not like he can't be reborn a baby that you can help take care of to make up for it! Oops, sorry, started losing control. Seiya then says his last "Ja, Odango" and leaves. *bawls hysterically* The gorgeous lighting in this cel is from the setting sun. I wanted one from this sequence for so long, and finally got one. *happy amidst my bawling* It's my very favourite Seiya cel, and that glare aimed at the dork doesn't hurt either.

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