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Series: Sailor Moon

Ail & Ann were the characters who truly sucked me into Sailor Moon. I had been mediocre about the show, but after a stretch of them I found myself needing to keep watching episodes because I was worried about the poor confused aliens. And I couldn't stop until the end of their stint, or afterward for that matter. No other group of characters (I consider Fiore as indirectly being one of them) managed to charm me as much as they did until the Amazon Trio came along.

These two Makaiju children are striking in their alien forms, but definitely are not on the same eye candy level in their human forms. At least in my opinion... I have heard of people preferring their human forms because they don't like green skin.

They appeared during the first half (or a little less) of Sailor Moon R, the second season.

You can see more Ail & Ann in their respective solo sections. You can also see Fiore, for additional Makaiju hair streak viewing pleasure.

Up next: Ail & Ann running. More of Ail & Ann sitting around.

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A5
Sketches: none
Background: Stuck, don't know if it matches
Comments: A lovely Ail & Ann close-up. Unfortunately there's not quite enough detail for me to know for certain when this happens. Maybe when I rewatch this segment of the story.
Episode #: ?
Stats: 4 layers, stuck, A7/B7/D2
Sketches: 1, unstuck
Background: Unstuck, looks matching
Comments: This cel was an obvious case of a scan gone wrong. Hopefully I will try again soon. Ail & Ann sitting on the Makaiju tree, preparing for flute-playing and Cardian-summoning.
Episode #: 59: True Love Awakens! The Secret of the Makaiju.
Stats: 1 layer, A2
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Ail & Ann with a Makaiju seedling, after they learn the truth about love and themselves. Awwww... The cel is stuck to rice paper, hence the wavery effect.

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