Monsters of the Week Cels

Series: Sailor Moon

For now this will be all of the Monsters of the Week. Eventually I'll begin breaking them down per season (or half season, in some cases).

Sailor Moon has some of the strangest monsters to ever appear in anything. I want whatever helped them think up many of them. *sniffle* Here's the first installment of my ongoing attempts to compile most of these beasties for everyone to see. What would make my collection feel much more complete, after O-souji below, would be a nice (well...) cel of Sailor Guts from season 5.

Up next: Many more strange critters, including some from season 2. I don't seem to have any Phage yet though. Hrm.

Episode #: 94: Protect that Pure Heart! Enemies and Allies in a Triangular Struggle
Stats: 1 layer, A4
Sketches: 1 non-matching, stuck
Comments: O-Souji, one of Kaolinite's season 3 Daimon. O-Souji's seed settled into Unazuki's cute elephant vacuum, making her (in my opinion) one of the most interesting looking monsters of the entire series. While she's fighting with Uranus and Neptune for Unazuki's pure crystal heart, O-souji is disgusted to see another tick (Sailor Moon) appear. She's snarling that she never could stand ticks (and then proceeds to vaccuum the evil intruder).
Episode #: 51: The new transformation! Usagi powers up
Stats: 1 layer, ? (trimmed)
Sketches: 1 almost matching (A39 KEY), unstuck
Background: Unstuck
Comments: A lovely (well...) close-up of SMR Cardian Reeshii. With the background in the way I hadn't noticed until I was finished scanning that the cel is too big for one scan. A bit of the top, and the ear tips, didn't make it into the image as a result.
Episode #: 56: "Steal Mamoru's Kiss!" Ann's Snow White Operation
Stats: 1 layer, A8
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Background: Unstuck
Comments: And an equally lovely (less of a "well...") close-up of SMR Cardian Bipiero. She crops up during the Snow White play, but I cant' seem to find my SMR episodes to check what exactly is happening here.
Episode #: 129: Super Transformation! It Happens Again by the Power of Pegasus
Stats: 1 layer, A1
Sketches: none
Comments: "A trainer of fierce animals, Koyokuba Danko-chan!" One of Tiger Eye's season 4 Lemures. Poor Danko-chan had all of the not-so-fierce Senshi animals on the run from her whip, but couldn't cope with Pegasus and is uttering her final "Stage out!" at this very moment.
Episode #: 52: Targeted Children! Venus in Action
Stats: 1 layer, A3
Sketches: none
Background: Unstuck
Comments: Gigarosu, a season 2 Cardian. I'll add more details when I'm not as sleepy and experimental.
Episode #: 96: Cruel Uranus? Makoto's Pinch
Stats: 1 layer, A19 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: The second form of Sukaa, a season 3 Daimon. I'll add details soonish.
Episode #: 42: Sailor Venus' Past. Minako's Bitter Love
Stats: 3 layers, stuck, A1 KEY/B1 KEY/C2 KEY END
Sketches: 1 partial, A1, unstuck
Comments: Papillon, one of Kunzite's season 1 Youma. Minako's old friend Katrina, an Interpol officer who took care of her, is transformed into this one for being privy to information about her. Papillon is expected to use her connection to find out more about the other Senshi. Here she's holding Sailor Venus with a butterfly blizzard, on the verge of zapping her if she won't name all of the other Senshi. The ripples in the scan are from rice paper that's stuck to the cel.
Episode #: 118: Battle with an Evil Atmosphere/Sailor Senshi's Gamble
Stats: 1 layer, A6 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: U-Ikasaman, another third season Daimon, realizing she's losing the Babanuki game against Chibi-Usa and Hotaru. Chibi-Usa already won, and U-Ikasaman had promised to release the rest of the Senshi if Hotaru won as well. Don't worry, though, Daimon aren't very good about keeping promises. This particular Daimon comes about when Mimette gets creative and tries to make one out of far too many items. Not only does she make one, she also sends segments of the house into various other dimensions.
Episode #: 134: A Girl Attracted by Pegasus! Makoto's Friendship
Stats: 1 layer, A18
Sketches: 1 partial, unstuck
Comments: "A time bomb in deadly magic, Tenko-chan!" Another one of Tiger Eye's Lemures in season 4. Tenko has just finished winding a time bomb that was on top of her head, and sends it flying to Sailors Moon, Chibi Moon, and Jupiter. They've already been trapped by her chains, and can't do much more than sit there struggling while they're waiting for the bomb to explode.

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