Fish Eye Cels

Series: Sailor Moon
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira

Fish Eye (or Fish's Eye), along with Tiger Eye, is about as lovable as a character can be, and is therefore one of the main reasons I adore the Amazon Trio so much. Fish Eye is the sensitive member of the group, and the one who causes the other two to realise what they are missing in their lives. Fish Eye is also the prettiest member of the group, even though I would swear Tiger Eye is more... ah never mind, I would wind up needing to say something I'm not gonna say if I got into that.

With this being the only Amazon who goes after guys, there doesn't seem to be an age barrier. Young ones, older ones, if they're male they'll belong to Fish Eye. Even completely creepy guys like Mamoru.

Because this came up once, I'll note that I have not seen the Amazon Trio dubbed and I am not suffering from any dub misconceptions. Even if I have some occasional fun in my descriptions I do know the details.

You can see more Fish Eye under Amazon Trio (groups).

Episode #: 143: The Moment They Believe Pegasus! The 4 Soldiers' Super Transformation
Stats: 1 layer, A2
Sketches: 1, unstuck
Background: Stuck, doesn't match
Extra: Came sealed with a Toei sticker.
Comments: Naughty naughty Fish Eye tells a young soccer boy that she is bored... and waiting for someone to play with. I had badly wanted a very pretty Fish Eye cel, and this was the one I finally found. Lovely hair, lipstick, sunglasses, necklace, and dress!

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A5 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: A very very cute Fish Eye closeup. The colours didn't want to turn out right in the scan but, *sigh*, it's close enough.
Episode #: 145: Aim for Prima Ballerina! Usagi in the Ballet
Stats: 1 layer, A8 KEY
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: Poor Fish Eye was rejected as the lead ballerina due to being too perfect, and is demanding to know if the sensei is insane for not realizing beauty is perfection.

Episode #: 149: The Dream Mirror! Amazon's Final Stage
Stats: 1 layer, A19
Sketches: matching, unstuck
Comments: Due in parts to Nehelenia's growing impatience, to Fish Eye's outburst earlier in the episode (see the cel of Tiger Eye holding Fish Eye on the Amazon Groups page), and to the tradition of Sailor Moon villain servants getting offed right when they procure the info their boss wants, Zirconia sends Mr. Magic Pierrot to "get rid of useless things" (aka the Amazon Trio). He's flinging his deadly card spades around and destroys Usagi's dream mirror. Fish Eye, who had just bonded with Usagi in the previous episode, is absolutely horror struck by it. This cel is very close to the end of the sequence of Fish Eye's head going back in shock (the earrings steadily rise higher in each frame), right before the shattered mirror is shown (and Usagi then collapses).

Episode #: 141: A Love Storm! Minako's Big Two-Timing Project
Stats: 1 layer, A2
Sketches: 1 matching, slightly stuck (I'll gently remove it soon)
Comments: Awww. Fish Eye looks so sad and penitent! Actually Fish Eye is begging Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye "Don't fight over me! Please!", which isn't exactly humble. They were fighting over who would be the first to retrieve Minako's mirror of dreams.

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY
Sketches: none
Comments: Just another cute Fish Eye. I'm sure someone out there can tell who I was most charmed by.

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