Ann/Ginga Natsumi Cels

Series: Sailor Moon

Ann probably didn't grow on me quite as fast as Ail did (she can be a bit snooty and obnoxious), but of course I wanted her to succeed in tearing apart the Usagi and Mamoru romance just like I wanted Ail to. At that point in the story, it's entirely possible that I liked her better than Usagi, and it's a definite truth that I liked (like) Ail better than Mamoru.

Ail summons the Cardians, but Ann is often the one who picks them. It gives her something to do other than jealously plot against Usagi, anyway.

Her human disguise is the not-nearly-as-pretty teenage girl Ginga Natsumi.

You can see more Ann in the Ail & Ann section.

Up next: A very beautiful Ann close-up. And another close-up. And... whatever else I remember to scan.

Episode #: 57: Watch Out After School! Usagi Targetted.
Stats: 1 layer, A10
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Background: Stuck, matching (should be centered more toward black in scan)
Extra: Timing sheet
Comments: Poor Ann is starving for energy while stuck in after school detention with Usagi. Suddenly she realizes her competitor in love is actually a pulsing bundle of nutrition.

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