Sailor Moon - Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Original Story by Takeuchi Naoko

The Details: Ooh, just the right kind of show for a testosterone-addled girl like myself! Actually, this was the first anime series I saw all of subtitled so it'll always be dear to me. That and the eternal question of "My gosh, what types of hallucinogenics inspired some of these monsters?!"... And, honestly, I firmly believe this series will always have been one of the most twisted things I've ever seen.

I tend to favour the villains, and that'll definitely show in my cel collection. As a result the splittings will run ala recurrent villains, monsters of the week, and the "good" Senshi. Yes, they come last. Plus I'll throw in separate entries for villain groups I seem particularly compulsive about collecting.

As for the Senshi... I do like everyone, with the exception of Mamoru (Ok, I like him in a "he's so atrocious it's funny" kind of way). I would much rather collect the Outer Senshi and the Starlights than the Inner Senshi, but, of course, they are more expensive. I get what I can.

In closing, always remember: "My pretty body feels like a cupcake!"

The Makaiju Children:

The Amazon Trio:


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