Multiple Notables Cels

Series: Lost Universe

Most of these will likely be group cels of the lead characters, but hopefully a little more variety will appear. There may seem to be no method, because I will include one minor character here yet another will land in the section for whichever lead he or she appeared with. It all depends on my importantness ratings, and hopefully I will bother to explain myself most of the time.

Clearly there were issues with reflection in these scans. Currently the entire selection is from one episode, and they are lined up in their order of appearance. I expect that when I scan more cels I'll do the sensible thing and make an episode 13 page. It's an important episode anyway!

SPOILERS: If you don't yet know anything about Kain's grandmother, my Comments are spoilsome.

Episode #: 13: Reminiscence Whirlpools
Stats: 3 layers, stuck, A1(KEY)/B4/C5 (both KEY END)
Sketches: 2 matching(B4 & C5), unstuck, + layout sketch
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Kain needed to purchase his annual offering for his grandmother Alicia, but Millie didn't understand the seriousness of the situation. I suppose I can understand failing to understand the seriousness of camel-blessed alcohol, but I generally try to be open-minded.
Episode #: 13: Reminiscence Whirlpools
Stats: Book cel/master key set. 4 layers, stuck, A6/B3/C8/D1 (all KEY)
Sketches: 4 matching, unstuck, + layout sketch
Background: Matching, unstuck
Foreground: Matching, unstuck
Comments: When Kain sat down with Alicia's grave, to 'share' the special alcohol with her (she'd told him they would drink together when he became strong... aka older, he was a little kid at the time) he offered some to Millie. She refused...
Episode #: 13: Reminiscence Whirlpools
Stats: 4 layers, stuck, A1 KEY/B4/C3 KEY END/D16 KEY END
Sketches: 4 matching/partial, unstuck, + layout sketch
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Realising she was intruding on Kain's time with his grandmother, on the anniversary of her death, Millie wandered off. She stumbled across retired space pirate Jil III (they had met earlier in the episode), Alicia's old friend and the guardian of her grave, and learned a bit about Kain's past and the difficulties he's facing. Jil is only in this episode, but because of his connection to Kain I decided to consider him a pivotal character. Especially with all of the plot momentum gained in this episode!

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