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Series: Gundam Wing

Spoilers! Any of of the scans on this page might be considered spoiler images. And there definitely should be more than a little spoiler text, or they wouldn't be very worthwhile moments.

At least the top two cels are my favourites of my entire Gundam Wing collection. I love the bottom as well, but in more of a "wishful thinking" fashion.

Up next: I'm not sure what I'll declare appropriate for this page yet. ={

Episode #: 5: Relena's Secret
Stats: Book pan. 5 layers, stuck, A7/A9/B12/C2/D4 (all) KEY END
Size: 19.75" wide x 10.75" tall
Sketches: none
Background: Matching, stuck
Foreground: Matching, stuck
Comments: After Relena was kind enough to bring Lady Une's bomb back to her, Une understandably was eager to be rid of it and threw it through the window. Though one of the many targets (and primary target) was Relena's adoptive father, she's being shielded from the blast. I started this scan on October 2, 2002 and just now put it up on June 20, 2003. I thought it had taken considerably longer! An absolutely wonderful cel, but a terrible pain to scan with all of the layers, the size, and of course with the wash from the explosion running across everything.
Episode #: 10: Heero Blasted into Pieces
Stats: 1 layer, A10
Sketches: none
Comments: SPOILER!!!!! (Though maybe not after the episode title, hrm.) Part of the episode that made me really start to like this series, it's Heero self-detonating both himself and his mecha on command. Lady Une (when I really wanted to see her get shot in the head) declared that the Gundam pilots should surrender or the colonies would be blown up. So they did, but Heero was ordered to not allow his Gundam to be confiscated by the enemy. It takes not only an impressive soldier but an incredibly screwed up kid (in this instance) to blow up on command. The green "background" is colour paper. I am extremely happy to have this cel. Thanks for letting me buy it, Cindy!
Episode #: 46: Milliard's Decision
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY
Sketches: 1 layout sketch, unstuck
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Though it's not actually happening, how could I resist a cel that looks like Heero is aiming a gun at Relena? ;) SPOILER! As Heero and Relena grill Milliard about his reasons for taking command of White Fang, Relena goes off on one of her Peacecraft parroting tangents about peace not being something that can be achieved through war. Her brother agrees that she should believe exactly that, which startles both her and Heero. The gun, btw, is aimed at Milliard... but it begins dropping at this moment because Heero finally understands the target's objectives.

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