Mecha Cels

Series: Gundam Wing

Honestly I'm not much of a mecha fan. I thought Wing Zero and Epyon were interesting for the ways they were made and their knack for driving pilots insane (barring the "already that insane" pilots, eg Heero and Zechs). Out of the two I prefer Epyon, the colouring is purdy and then there's that huge whip! The Mobile Dolls struck me as being pretty scary, so of course I like them. Tallgeese was interesting as a prototype, and as a ridiculously large mecha. Out of the early Gundam, I guess at least there's a certain amount of charm in the massive artillery built into Heavy Arms. Beyond that, I might be hard-pressed to even identify which mecha is which. ={

Er... pretty much the rest of the mecha cels I have, besides this Epyon. And, despite my lack of fan-ness, I have lots of them. Enough that this might actually need to become multiple sections.

Episode #: ?
Stats: 1 layer, A10 KEY END
Sketches: 1 matching, unstuck
Comments: The face of Epyon. As noted above, Epyon is my favourite mecha of the series, and not only because of the colouring or even because it wields one heck of a whip. It's simply the strangest and scariest one, with Wing Zero and the newest Mobile Dolls following behind. Epyon was designed by Treize's standards, and its pilots were first Heero then Zechs. Zechs/Milliard spent the most time with it.

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