Treize and Lady Une Cels

Series: Gundam Wing

Definitely two of my favourite characters. Treize was always a good one, I could spend a stupid amount of time listening to him waxing eloquently about politics and war. His romantic view of everything is charming, and in many ways I agree with him... which might make me sound a little scary, but I won't expound in self-defense. ;)

Lady Une was different. I really, really, hated her initially. Seeing her brain get splattered everywhere would've be lovely and joyful. Then her split personality made her too interesting too hate. And, eventually, I came to outright admire her. I loved the scene with Tsubarov! (Yep, being vague due to spoilers.)

Up next: Lady Une with gun, Lady Une with rose, Lady Une with hair down. Yeah, some people do 180s. And probably a Treize closer-up.

Episode #: 46: Milliard's Resolution
Stats: 1 layer, A1 KEY END
Sketches: Unstuck matching layout sketch.
Background: Matching, unstuck
Comments: Treize in Tallgeese, just as he veers away from his mob toward Libra to challenge Milliard. This is much to the consternation of his subordinates, who want to know where the heck he's going. The brightness/colouring of the scan didn't come out quite right and didn't seem to want to wind up right either. Feh, close enough!

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